Wack Things in Taiwan 2019



Forced corporate fun. Standing around talking shop with a bunch of people who would all rather be with either their families or friends.

Give me some more cash instead…


What he said. :point_up_2:


Demand the stickers too!


Not when you win money they aren’t !


Thems are some good prizes!
I got 20k and I thought I won the lottery.
Should have seen some of the xiaoijies face …Big nose taking the big prizes.


I never use them, so I just tell them to keep em.


The past few years, our top prize was won by a “外勞”, which I like to see. They are so underpaid as it is. Nothing like your and the funny bunny’s prizes, but not too bad at 15k. I think this year there were two top prizes at 15k. I was happy with my 6k. Our minimum was 3k, which isn’t too bad.


Give em to me!

Honestly, I make brownie points with the hairdresser. She collects them seriosly to get the stuff and loves me when I give them stickers to complete her collection faster…


I’ll start a collection for you. If we ever have another meet-up (not in Taipei), I can give them to you.


Wow, probably 20% of my kitchen arsenal came from PX Mart stickers…


Maybe I should rethink this… Sorry, @icon.


Stickers are for the millions of old codgers in this country with too much time on their hands. No time to be playing with children’s sticker books!

I will spare some time to share uninformed comments on this forum though…


Ah dear, just a few seconds of your time and you can get discounts or freebies from credit card points, VIP cards, coupons, LINE codes, etc.



Too Difficult. My time is worth more than the stickers nightmare. I’ll give them to you.

Should Forumosa pool the stickers maybe? hahaha


OK, I was just at PX Mart and along with my change they handed me a “Bodum” sticker. What’s up with that?



Man, if you can’t negotiate PX Mart without coming on here for instructions (and you didn’t just land last week), you are one sad friggin bastard…:roll:



Uh, I know how to shop. image

Thanks anyways for your helpful reply.





So you say, and yet…