Wack Things in Taiwan 2019



YES! I watched that and nearly Swansoned my fucking computer, what a crock of utter bullshit…


Locals, but not only locals. At lot of the vloggers are doing the same thing, just trying to get more clicks.


Steaming hot pot


Yeah the vlogger/travel channel shtick of this place is great, that place is great can get really old fast.

I like serpentza YouTube in China cos it’s very fair. A lot of Asian locals /resident locals avoid reality.


I hear ya.


He really didn’t look like he was enjoying the experience throughout that. I think he liked to have locals taking him to local restaurants, not tourism officials taking him to where they think tourists should go.

He liked the Dim Tai Fung, IIRC.


That’s because they paid for the honor?


We had a giant rant about this elsewhere, too.
It’s also frustrating because, both for convenience and to deal with the language issue, these guys seem to invariably hook up with some TAS-grad Orange County Green Card rich kid who’s spent half of their life or more off-island, so their idea of on-the-ground Taipei life is skewed at best.
IIRC, doesn’t he start that stopover having a weirdass cocktail at the bar of the W?

Not exactly rubbing elbows with the peeps there.


Oh god. You just described my Room 101.


What did that poor monitor ever do to him? He completely missed the item his anger should be directed to.


There was a definite whiff of contractual obligation.

I’ll need to watch it again, though. I do recall the rather sad start where he’s drinking something weird (brandy and crushed ginger?) on his own in the sad W bar. With hindsight not best to leave him on his own in a soulless hotel.


One of the funnier spelling mistakes I’ve seen: instead of sharks the kid wrote “I like sharts.” :ok_hand:


I remember that episode. Bourdain was definitely NOT enjoying himself in Taiwan. Didn’t they take him to a “toilet restaurant”? 'Nuff said.

I remember him swooning over the xiaolongbao at Dintaifeng though. But everyone knows about that place anyways!



Pour out some liquor, have a toast for the homies
See, we both gotta die, but you chose to go before me

Not my religion, but I wouldn’t mind this at my funeral. Jack Daniels, though.



There’s an old guy sleeping
He is missing one sock
Everybody ignores him
Huge garbage bag in the front roll
Some empty water bottles on the floor

And you think the banana peel well placed at chair’s arm is wack?!


That looks like the scene when you need to pull a midnight move and realize at about 3:30 am that you aren’t going to make it.


:wink: :rofl:


Highway rest area men’s toilets, everyone smoking inside, huge space but 2 guys manage to bump into me while I’m standing at a urinal.

Saw two different people hitting their kids in the parking lot.

I think you really meet another type of people on holidays when people that don’t get out frequently aren’t stuck at work or home and manage to get out in public.


Some old guy just stopped right at the end of the escalator while at Taipei Long Distance Bus Station. Since the escalator moves and I had people behind me, I had no choice but to run into him not before yelling “HEY” at him 20 times in the span of 3 seconds.

After running into him slowly he finally moved, I yelled at him impulsively to MOVE!