Wack Things in Taiwan 2019



Did you make any purchases?


A flying dick for my office.


i thought these tv screens were new and they show all the infomation like next stop, next several stops, how long it takes ect. i thought it was pretty cool.


There aren’t enough there already?


Not really flying although some seem to be high.


i saw a video of that, what a horrific thing to force the staff to do. cotton eye joe was cringe enough when it came out 20 odd years ago. line dancing to it in 2019 should be illegal.


I thought you meant making penises for a second


When they work.


I’m wondering how businesses work here in Taiwan and make money because like every couple of months they have a new sales person on the road.


well to be fair theres a photo of the LED lights upside down and cocked up too.




Except they barely take care of their simpler equipment. Now they wanna increase the complexity 10 fold. I’d rather it work than be fancy.


its new isn’t it? if this was several years in it would be worth complaining about but this is a very recent thing.


There was a garbage man standing in front of a trash can shouting vexedly to his colleagues, “It’s too much! People are throwing garbage in this trash can!”


I’d guess he was talking about household garbage. Sometimes people try to beat the tax system by disposing of it in public bins.


i hate youtube. or more specifically, foreigners who make youtube channels about taiwan, aimed at a taiwanese audience.

the ass kissing makes me feel ill.


I was standing in the large open area of a mall. No other people around.

I turn around and take a step where someone had decided to push their baby carriage right up behind me. Not even one step and I’m falling. Then they give me dirty looks.

It’s a parent’s responsibility to protect their children and not place their children in potentially dangerous situations.


You’ve been here too long. In pretty much every other country it’s your responsibility to think about what’s behind you before you walk backwards.


i hate this, i have found the best soloution is to be extra polite, let people pass ect. it makes them look like the asshole and lose face!


You wouldn’t like my channel…

“Wow! Taiwanese bread is so much better than bread I can buy in my home country of Canada. I’ve been all over the world and let me tell you… the bread in taiwan is the best in the world. 好吃好吃!”

“Yesterday I lost my wallet in taiwan, but it was returned to me and actually had more money in it then when I lost it! This would never happen in my home country. Canadian people are rude savages compared to the wonderful people you’ll meet in taiwan,”

“Wow, taiwan medical system is so amazing! I’m so lucky the Taiwanese government lets me use it, even tho I’m a foreigner… I don’t deserve to live in this amazing country.”

You’d be surprised how many subs I have just from doing this for less then a year. It’s about 60k LOL. It’s super cringe.

Once I get a larger following I’m going to turn the channel around and start hating on things I find wack in taiwan. I’m also going to call out dudes like the k-man and media dickheads who destroy Taiwan minds.