Wack Things in Taiwan 2019



lol is that for real?

i literally just saw one talking about bread. he said the bread in taiwan is too sweet. but he likes it of course :wink: and then the topic of stray dogs was raised and he said they also have stray dogs in america and wishes people in every country could love dogs. probably said the same about pollution but i can’t endure any more of it.


Unfortunately yes…

The video you just watched probably wasn’t me as I would NEVER say anything even remotely negative about taiwan. I think if a foreigner was watching one of my videos (who wasn’t completely delusional) they would be able to tell I’m fucking around.


The mentality about trash here is mental. You try to throw an empty chips bag away in the MRT and the cleaning auntie gives you the evil eye.

You want to throw your empty bottle away in the trash can and there’s a garbage man hollering to his colleagues about how he’s sick of people throwing trash in the trash can.

There’s no trash cans anymore in the neighbourhood park, so people just leave their old food containers and drinks bottles on the benches when the leave.


preach it brotha! i think taiwan wants to be like japan in that respect. japan doesn’t have many public rubbish bins either. but the japanese have a concept of tidying up after yourself, also in public places. taiwanese have a concept of leaving empty bian dang boxes in the park after finishing with them. public bins here would do a lot more good than harm.


Seriously? I concur with your third point, but I’ve never come across either of the first two. Have any other posters? I mean, is this a thing that I haven’t noticed?


sounds like a riot! well this one also had a foreign girl, that must help with the views.


And that’s when you’re going to win me as a subscriber!


Yeah I guess so. I normally would think to protect my baby from anybody falling on them but now been in Taiwan too long to consider that.


You’re working from the assumption that it is the responsibility of parents, in this case, to assume that someone in front of them is going to walk backwards without looking and take necessary precautions. I think this is a bit of an ask.


When u see an old dude with what looks like a goatee but its actually just a bunch of hairs growing out of a wart.


Taiwan is great.


Recycle stuff like bottles or crisp bags go in the recycling bin. Them garbage people give you a nasty look when you put them in the normal garbage not the recycling bin.


@Icon just got 20 respect points for using the word “ crisp” , as opposed to “ chip” :+1::wink::kissing_heart:


Yeah and there is new thought about recycling, it’s now supposed to not be better than burning the stuff.


Look at his website stats. Most of his clicks are from the US. AdSense doesn’t pay much for Taiwan clicks.


My audience is 90% Taiwanese and K-man makes content about taiwan. I don’t care who his audience is. I get the point tho.


Cool. My point was he isn’t having much effect on Taiwan minds.


A single snowflake doesn’t blame itself for the avalanche.


If there’s a point there, I’m sure it’s a good one. I’m not Keoni, if that’s what you’re implying. My grammar is impeccable.


Hmmm :policeman: :rotating_light:
Yeah, your story checks out.
You’re free to g—

Wait a minute…
how do you know his name is Keoni?
That’s something only Keoni would know :thinking: