Wack Things in Taiwan 2020

Maybe some one with some authority can explain the apparent hilarity. Only thing my infantile Mandarin picked up was they were joking at the start of the segment (around 2:21) that it is not turtle (wu gui) but salmon (gui yu).

In the old Eslite on Dunhua, they used to close everything except for the book section, which was 24 hours.

‘Legislators from Taiwan’s main opposition Kuomintang (KMT) party threw pig guts and exchanged punches with other lawmakers in parliament on Friday as they tried to stop the premier taking questions’

Ha, the KMT, as piggish as always.


They suddenly care about pig farmers.
Not pig welfare…but pig farmers.

I can hear them oinking from here…slurping up the RMB crumbs.

I wonder who’s going to pay for the clean-up and disinfection. :thinking:


Don’t forget typhoon and the great flood of 9/11 in Taipei.

You mean Nari? TBH I haven’t been in danger so far from typhoons. Inconvenienced, yes, but life on the line, not yet.

Forgot armed robbery…not in Taiwan, of course.

And this kind of thing makes international news at the speed of sneeze…

Spent two days recently in Yuli. How many foreigners live in that area?

The most wack thing I saw was a foreigner riding around on a scooter and walking down the street and in the train station barefoot.

No one, not one single other person was going barefoot. Small town and people are mostly farmers. Slippers are like $50.

Edit: maybe some might not think wack but definitely out of place.

Was it you?

981, Hualien County, Yuli Township

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No slippers are 50 NT$ cheaper.

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Meh. He’s adding his own colour to the place.

Getting a Taiwanese to lead a conversation! Golly gosh damn!

Web maintenance in the middle of the day.

This can’t be done at night?

Web maintenance doesn’t make noise like road construction.

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My guess is their server is down for other reasons and this message is always shown when the server is not available.


Web maintenance? Server problems?


so, eh… what is wack there?


I also didn’t get it…

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The guy is smoking in a no smoking area.

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Pretty much par for the course here, hardly wack.

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