Wack Things In Taiwan 2021

The law that you can be sued for insulting someone.

Some people just need to be called a “f*cking idiot” like the guy in 7/11 today who, before I’d even got my changed waddled forward to cram his items on the counter.

I told him to get back, and called him a f*cking idiot. Then remembered the snowflake law.

I call someone a fcking idiot or a fcking numbnut at least 5 times a week. I’m surprised I haven’t been sued.


The sky could fall down?

You’ve never seen the claws on people that wear just that, slippers and flip-flops.

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“Your Honour, in my defense: that other guy’s IQ is so low, it gives me vertigo looking down at it. I was merely stating a fact.”

so my question is, if it’s illegal to call someone a F—ing idiot at 7-11 why is it ok for people to call minister chen 陳送終 on the internet?

Because the state doesn’t have a mandate to enforce the law on behalf of others. If minister Chen would like to, he could sue.

See, now this is totally cool.

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Yea, my son got one of those.


I respect everyone for enduring that kind of training. That takes a LOT of willpower. Physical strength will come almost by itself but the will to endure that sh*t is not found in everybody.

Yea, my son told me these big tough guys all broke down crying at some point in their training (including him)- but some resolved to stay the course.


That’s admirable!
I bet you’re a proud father!


So only men right ?

Dongyu island

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That doesn’t look wack. oh is that a toilet there? lol. It’s pretty dark. Where is Dongyu? can’t find it

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The thing is just few meters from shoreline.
Right here:

Dropped pin

So . . . are you, like, supposed to face the sunset when doing your business? Or the other way around? :rofl:


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East or West, just do your best!


Ah, nice clean shot on Google maps :slight_smile:

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Both options are available!