Wack Things In Taiwan 2021


I just saw these watermelons in the ShuangHo hospital lobby. I wonder who left them there :rofl:

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That’s a big pair of melons.


Maybe they are babies in disguise?


In Taiwan that’s good.

The melon fairy?


This is definitely the best explanation :trophy::trophy::rofl:

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That’s not nearly as bad as wearing medical scrubs in public. If I see someone in scrubs in a coffeeshop or grocery, I think about how many vile germs they may have brought from the hospital with them.

Would you like some flesh eating bacteria with that latte? Or how about a dose of regular coronavirus?


Or patients. I went to eat lunch at a restaurant near me a few years ago. A guy rolled up on a scooter, in a blue hospital gown, and wrist band. Clearly a patient somewhere. He seemed quite familiar with the staff, ordered his meal, sat at the table next to me, and picked his nose for what felt like an agonising lifetime, but was maybe ten minutes. Just completely shameless public nose picking. I got served and ate and promptly left. Anyway he was quite recognisable, as he was a big lad. I walked past the restaurant a few weeks later, and looked inside, the same nosepicking dude was actually working there, taking orders. I suspect he is the son of the proprietor. Suffice to say I have never been back to this restaurant.


Academic Freedom. Its a thing.



Pretty soon we might be glad of a dose of good ól regular coronavirus

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Ok, this was the EXACT video I was thinking about as soon as I typed “activewear”. Thanks for that.

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When I landed myself in the local hospital, I was always amazed and amused at having floor mates drag their lines, sometimes with just a drip or even whole machines, all the way downstairs to the park …to smoke.

I could barely shuffle around the nurse area. These guys would topple mountains for a drag.


I almost forgot the existence of those things :moyai:

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Willful Damage to Government Property.

My taxes paid for those titties, and I feel I have a right to expect them to be preserved for their intended military role of intimidating the notoriously flat-chested PLA.

Not punctured for some cheap military sado-masochist thrills


Absolutely agree.

We used to drink tea at a friend’s tea shop. One of the regulars known for being super cheap despite lots of money showed up one day wearing a hospital gown. Someone finally asked her about her recent stay at the hospital…she had been out of the hospital for two weeks.


No one seems willing to make a non-LINE phone call. Is the cost really so high? My wife turns off her wifi at night so phone will not beep with incoming message sounds. Her father died. Her brother tried to call her using LINE…and so did her sister. Both said could not reach my wife. Neither tried to just make a standard phone call.

This is happening more and more. Waiting for someone who shows up late? Well, they tried to LINE you but when that fails will not call.


That awkward moment when you into that shit and start popping a tent at your graduation ceremony…

It’s either LINE or fax. No in-between. One office worker in the company looked like a deer in the headlights when the landline rang on his first day.