Wack Things in Taiwan 2023

But did he? Maybe he called him a “nonce”, a “nelly”, or a “nincompoop”, will need to attend that court case!

Nah. It’s THE N-WORD! It’s the one. Much like “cunt” rarely means chopsticks or caramel when referred to as THE C-WORD!
It’s American stuff, and Taiwan loves America.

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Maybe the driver just said 那個, and the whole thing is a big misunderstanding. Unless he was caught on camera, this would work as an excuse.



We’ll look back on this as your Nostradamus moment!

Even if he’s on camera I predict he’ll still deny it.

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The visor is the pièce de résistance…



I don’t get what the big deal is with towing illegally parked cars or cars that NEED to be moved. Someone used the damn LiZhang speakers 4 times over the course of 30 minutes to try to ask the owner of the car to come move it. This isn’t the first time it’s happened.


They’re probably afraid of being shot for towing some wannabe wanksta’s car.


The stuff of nightmares…


This is straight out of Final Destination :grimacing:

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he wrote that the incident was “The closest I’ve come to instant death in a hotel,”

He wrote the suction was like “three strong men pulling you from behind.”

“… I hope my big buttocks bruise can save the lives of more children”

This Dave Ch guy seems to have an interesting life…


Indeed. It doesn’t help that whenever I see “Farglory” it makes me think of glory holes…

You watch some weird porn.

Who do you think broke the drain cover? I bet it’s those big, heavy udders.

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I’ve never even watched a glory hole porno… :sweat_smile:

Well, steer clear. It’s not exactly titillating stuff.

Seen them in real life…

Yesterday I went to the market for veggies. It was packed. Lots of scooters roaming arounf trying to find spots. This asshole took 3

And lest you think this bicycle is taking a scooter spot, this is actually the space to get from one aile to the next. Happened to be right in front of the entrance. Rather than put the bicycle in any number of out of the way spots, this person’s convenience was worth blocking the way for the hundreds of people on scooters at the market

People looked at me like I was crazy, because I took photos


Asshole? He’s with Foodpanda. They take priority over everyone.