Wack Things in Taiwan 2023

He was still there after I’d finished filtering though the crowds for my shopping, and waiting in line to pay. So probably not there on official food panda business


Normal, chief inspector probably best mate.
I was introduced to a great bunch by ex gf 4 years ago, had many drinking sessions with them.
Worked out they was gangsters originally from Yilan.
Guy I had most laughs with (he spoke English) was ex chief inspector.


A 1-year-old was on the road at night almost got hit by a car…


Fell off a scooter?


Nice market you got there. In my hood they ride scooters right through the market.


No, the toddler followed their father out of the house (The dad said he didn’t know), ran into the street and fell.

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The tv news said probably from a car, having managed to open the door by himself because parents did not use child lock on the rear doors.

What really infuriates me is that even the backwater I come from has very strict enforcement of having kids strapped in age appropriate booster seats and seatbelts. If the kid had been properly strapped and not bouncing off the walls of the car, this might have happen so often.

And there is no followup of the authorities taking the parents to jail for their lack of responsibility. Usually it is just poor family, suffering a deadly loss.

There have been several crashes in local highways where the kids have just been thrown on the road after a collision, usually through a window but also side and back doors.

Oh and regarding kids following parents into the road yeah that’s also a common staple in local news. One kid was run over a minibus right outside his home recently. Escaped from granny’s care to explore…

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One of my pet peeves when accompanying my wife to the market. The worst case I saw which I mentioned before was a woman driving from stall to stall inside. She would drive up and force people out of her way…then bark out her order. She would not get off the motorcycle when the stall owner would try to reach out to give pass goods to her. I saw another customer take the goods from stall owner and pass to the woman…and then also make the exchange of money. This was not some old, unhealthy person.

Then you have the ones who park their motorcycle sideways across the already crowded path between stalls. Bad enough you drive through the inside stall area but you also cannot even attempt to park off to the side while you shop.



under 6 left alone… can get fined,… police remind people…

although not explicitly stated one could infer they were warned if not fined…(unlikely they were)

it might take repeat offending resulting in injury or death then maybe a small fine… but probably the parents sue the driver of the car…

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Over 6 is ok? Someone told me kids under 12 can’t be left alone?

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Stuff like this is the reason I don’t go to traditional markets anymore…well as much as I can help it anyways. I wish these markets would close off all traffic except for vendors/deliveries or people that lived there during the busy hours.

Don’t you also love when the scooter is a total POS that’s puffing smoke through the market and every stall…


In Taichung’s Dajia district a FoodPanda driver went to pick up an order, was gone for less than a minute and when he came back his scooter was gone, stolen. The thief rode the scooter and somehow got himself killed/run over by a local train…



That is wack. Christ, let the bird have a little fun before you eat it.


Shorter description “Capon”

And shouldn’t that be 義式?

I guess the translator has never heard of “spring chicken”.

Aging population - not so many of those around these days.

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