Wack Things in Taiwan 2023


Food so delicious! (for you…yeah…you are the same person who eats breakfast out of a plastic bag )
Laoban so kind! (he’s your mate or he smiled at you which counts for good service here)
So good Foreign food so yummy! (no its greasy, generic and Taiwanezed and costs 2x what its worth
Garden so nice (garden is a mosquito ridden demolished house out back)

Reading google reviews makes me look down upon humanity. :joy:


I guess I tend to notice the more negative stuff…seems like many people are overly critical of small stuff when I’m reading reviews for restaurants on Google Maps.
That being said there are a lot of 5 star reviews that I don’t even bother looking at since some restaurants/businesses will give you something if you give them a 5 star review on Google maps.

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Good advice to see what niggling issues may exist.

Nvidea CEO in Taiwan. Maybe I’m missing something about night markets.


Because she’s an idiot. I edged over to the left ready to turn, signalled with my hand and THAT is the moment she decided to overtake–on my left, the way I was turning. She was behind me, but at a relatively slow pace at first–then just decided to overtake, I guess when she saw she might miss the lights and have to wait a minute for them to change.

I doubt many drivers think that much… Just that they’re in a hurry.

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What in the world?!

That statue kinda looks like Xi Jinping.



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The universal signal for a left turn on a bicycle is probably here a wave to overtake

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Really? How do Taiwanese on bicycles signal to turn?

Or do they just not bother. Actually, I’ve probably answered my own question.


Same as other countries, according to the driver’s handbook. I haven’t seen it done by anybody though. They usually just do a two-point hook turn even when unneeded.

I was told if someone puts on their left turn signal amd moves a bit to the right, it means they want you to overtake. So it is really possible, anyways

I’m glad i read to the end before answering

Is the spraying not an assault? The punch should be self defense! :thinking:

Don’t knock until you’ve tried it - the stinky tofu and duck blood are usually both pretty good, the intestine depends how prepared, can be pretty tasteless and boring.

So that you won’t miss out, you can have my share of coagulated blood and poop chutes @bz . I have tried them and pretended to like the dishes to be polite.



I didn’t even pretend. :slightly_smiling_face:


It’s not a good plan. If I say I like intestines, then they want to feed me more!


PXmart rejected my Hua Nan bank card because “we don’t have that bank”. This whole bank thing in Taiwan always amazes me. Employers can force employees to use their bank, business can reject some banks, etc.