Were you able to quarantine with your partner?

If you recently entered Taiwan with your partner and underwent the 14-day quarantine, were you allowed to quarantine together with them? I’d prefer responses from people with first-hand experience; thanks!

Asking because it’s not clear what the official rules are and how much flexibility there is, so I thought it’d be better to just ask people who have recently done it. I’m planning on entering Taiwan in September with my girlfriend, so hoping we don’t have to be split up for our first 14 days.

Thanks again!

I think the rules are pretty clear that you have to quarantine separately. You also both need individual bathrooms.

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Plenty of people I know have rented Airbnbs and quarantined there.

The tip is to do this on the outskirts of Taipei or in Taipei County where you can more space, and maybe even a backyard.


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The 1 bathroom rule…

We 3 are finishing our 14 days upon arrival from the US on the 25th; Dad, Mom, plus kiddo.

Some hotels have claimed they won’t allow two adults in one room, but then that does sell more rooms, doesn’t it?

Les suites Taipei may be an option if you want to pay for more sqr footage,

or just start calling down this list:


Remember, since this is an expat forum, it’s not meant to be helpful until ~ +/- 1 month of your return home… :wink:

PM if you have other questions!

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I’m married to a Taiwanese national, but our marriage isn’t yet registered in Taiwan so I don’t currently have an ARC, just an entry permit stating I’m their partner. One agency told us we wouldn’t be allowed to quarantine at my partner’s parent’s currently empty house because they don’t have the necessary disinfection equipment that a hotel has(?), While another agency told us we could absolutely stay together in that house. I still haven’t gotten a straight answer.

Correct me if I’m wrong, I think the rules actually will allow it if you have a place with 2 rooms with individual bathrooms.

I’m allowed to stay with my family since my room will have its own bathroom.

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My wife got an email from the CDC explaining the rules in some more detail. I hope it’s helpful to you!


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