Were you able to quarantine with your partner?

If you recently entered Taiwan with your partner and underwent the 14-day quarantine, were you allowed to quarantine together with them? I’d prefer responses from people with first-hand experience; thanks!

Asking because it’s not clear what the official rules are and how much flexibility there is, so I thought it’d be better to just ask people who have recently done it. I’m planning on entering Taiwan in September with my girlfriend, so hoping we don’t have to be split up for our first 14 days.

Thanks again!

I think the rules are pretty clear that you have to quarantine separately. You also both need individual bathrooms.

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Plenty of people I know have rented Airbnbs and quarantined there.

The tip is to do this on the outskirts of Taipei or in Taipei County where you can more space, and maybe even a backyard.


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The 1 bathroom rule…

We 3 are finishing our 14 days upon arrival from the US on the 25th; Dad, Mom, plus kiddo.

Some hotels have claimed they won’t allow two adults in one room, but then that does sell more rooms, doesn’t it?

Les suites Taipei may be an option if you want to pay for more sqr footage,

or just start calling down this list:


Remember, since this is an expat forum, it’s not meant to be helpful until ~ +/- 1 month of your return home… :wink:

PM if you have other questions!

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I’m married to a Taiwanese national, but our marriage isn’t yet registered in Taiwan so I don’t currently have an ARC, just an entry permit stating I’m their partner. One agency told us we wouldn’t be allowed to quarantine at my partner’s parent’s currently empty house because they don’t have the necessary disinfection equipment that a hotel has(?), While another agency told us we could absolutely stay together in that house. I still haven’t gotten a straight answer.

Correct me if I’m wrong, I think the rules actually will allow it if you have a place with 2 rooms with individual bathrooms.

I’m allowed to stay with my family since my room will have its own bathroom.

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My wife got an email from the CDC explaining the rules in some more detail. I hope it’s helpful to you!


感謝您對防疫之熱忱與關心, 如仍有其他傳染病相關疑問,歡迎撥打國內免付費防疫專線1922 (國外可撥打 +886-800-001922自國外撥打回國須自付國際電話費用)洽詢,有關傳染病最新疫情及各項資訊,請參閱疾病管制署全球資訊網


Any updates on this one? My partner and I are looking to go to Taiwan. She has a Taiwanese passport and I will likely have a Gold Card soon.

The rules don’t seem that clear to me, as some hotels seem to have some pretty large suites which seem wasteful for one person.

Can two people stay in the same quarantine hotel room?

I completed my quarantine. You must stay somewhere with 2 separate rooms and 2 separate bathrooms. If you have a house that fulfills this requirement, you can stay there together. But a single hotel room is not allowed for two people.

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This is BS. Call the cops on me, and Hanns House, becuase we spent 15 days in the same room, with the same bathroom, mom, dad, and child.

EDIT I am not advocating people to do what they want, regardless of the scenario, just reporting that we were 3 warm bodies, sharing the same living, eating, sleeping, and bathroom space. This was duly reported at every stage, we were in regular contact with our Q agent, who knew exactly where we were.

We were co-habitating before quarantine, though we were never asked such explicitly [it would be all over our paperwork].

The government is not going to spell out every-single-detail. Unfortunately, that leaves us with some people [, preferring to abdicate their responsibility to think critically and respond helpfully,] to simply say: “You can’t do that!”

Huey, you will need to do some legwork, but probably less than what it took to get the gold card, and find Q-tel options that will allow 2 people. I will reach out to our relocation agent, but honestly, it will be a pain in the butt for him to call around.

I can tell you Hanns House had been offering multiple occupant quarantine accomodations in July, but they are a pretty penny. The view was excellent, but the food was not up to the standard of the room price.

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Is there a hotel you’d recommend based on the food? Obviously you didn’t stay there, but perhaps you heard from someone else?

I’m looking at Hanns, Home Hotel, maybe even Aloft Beitou but I think that’s a bit too pricey/far.

@Leggat is correct that you can stay in the same hotel room. See below from a friend who asked the Taipei city govt when I booked for my family. Just call the hotel and ask to book together and tell the quarantine personnel (?) 防疫員 that you live together abroad, you’re a family.

台北市政府 觀傳局
Extension number: # 6897
入境時告知防疫人員,你們一家人在美國” 共同生活”

“ 有共同生活照顧的需求”
所以要入住在同一個房間 的防疫旅館


Excellent, Malasang, thanks.

Huey, The food was locally sourced takeout. MOS burger, tonkatsu shops, my biggest complaint was that it was way more than we needed without doing aerobics, etc. The will also bring uber eats up to your room, but only during their meal delivery times, 8-9, 1-2, 5-6, or something like that.

Would recommend skipping if food (bento boxes or pay NTD 1100 for 580 of room service credit!; see YouTube) and timely delivery (at NTD 100/per delivery) are considerations.

I know the rule is silly. I’m not making any judgement on that. I’m simply restating what I was told multiple times by CDC officials when we asked. The forum explicitly prohibits people
from advocating breaking the law, so I’m stating the law and nothing more. What OP actually does and how much they are questioned about it is up to them, but what I said is the CDC’s position. Actual enforcement is up to different agencies, so they might have different answers. 差不多

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We just did our quarantine at home, just the two of us no one else lives here. Cops visited socially to bring us goodies, CECC checked on us every day. I think the interpretation is you cannot live/stay with anyone who is not under quarantine. So if you are staying with other family members who are not, then you need a separate bathroom and sleeping room.

Fair enough. :slight_smile:

Did you read your own post? It specifically calls out that you can get permission to live together in one room if you are one family returning together and need to. Only that you must take precautions like wearing a mask and not eating together.


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