Western woman - chances with Taiwanese Men?

I am going to be living in Kaohsiung for 3 months this spring (mid-February to mid-May) and then permanently spring 2025 (need to do some things in the US before the big move and not sure if I will be in Taipei or Kaohsiung).

Okay question is, I am 62, look and act younger, do I have any chance of dating a Taiwanese guy?? I am a white woman who DOES like Asian men. I know Asian men are a bit shy in general and often intimidated by Western women especially Americans. And that we aren’t long term relationship material.

I am wondering since I not going to be a choice to have kids with, would Taiwanese men around my age (anything over 45) be interested??

Or am I going to be a “cougar” having sex with young guys who want the conquest of a Western woman?? I lived in Vietnam for 4 years and that was totally the case – they got a twofer, an older woman, who was a foreigner as well.

I don’t have a problem with casual hookups, but would be open to real relationship – Any thoughts?

Yes. Perhaps a 65-year-old Taiwanese guy.


Learn the language.


If you are not overweight, and since you mentioned you look younger, I would imagine you’d have no problem starting a relationship with a man similar to your age. However, most single (that are actually boyfriend-worthy) men at that age are probably gonna be divorcees, likely with grown kids, so you need to make sure you are okay with that. Where you meet these men is the bigger question. Older men here do use dating apps, but if you want to find an English speaking partner (which could be an issue in that age bracket), you may need to get involved with some international-leaning groups. I would recommend language exchange hiking groups. Older men here love to talk and are not shy, so you will have no problem getting the conversation started.


Yeah joining hiking groups is a good suggestion. Or church activities.


Actually I am frequently surprised at the amount of 70+ year old men who come up to me and start asking me questions in pretty good English, so perhaps it will not be a big issue for you.


First I think middle age men seem be most shy on dates to Euro girls, older Taiwanese in general talk a lot, sometimes too much haha.

Age, some men are intimidated by higher status women, thus here you see some men with women from a poor country/background but this is also slowly changing. That being said I know a 40+ guy married nice euro lady, both very happy and funny people to chat with.

Things are changing in that there more younger Euro women here (A lot more at the Uni’s some working holiday markers) in Kao City and do date Taiwanese (Hahah, we chat about differences in Euro and Taiwanese guys) so I do see more Euro women with local guys, but not sure older gen will change too.

More common now days, guys in 30’s with cougar women which tend be short term

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I personally would be fine with that, in fact I prefer older women, more mature, less entitled, etc.
I actually prefer western women because I don’t identify with Taiwanese culture at all. I’m only Taiwanese on paper.

I can’t speak for other Taiwanese.

Any Western woman even at 62 will get attention but of course mostly will get attention from that fits your profile so to speak. People like you.

Taipei area is quite lonely for singles but south is open friendly meeting people easily.

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I know and am related to a lot of 70 year old men who speak English. It’s not that new of a language.


I’m going to be living in Kaohsiung, Taipei is too fast for my taste


That has not been my experience

I live in Taipei and people rarely even talk but when I leave Taipei I feel like people just open up.


Learn 台語 instead of mandarin.


OP can start here:


Nobody answered her question. Can she sleep with younger Taiwanese guys like she did in Vietnam?

Maybe she can fool around with younger guys and settle with a 65 year old?

Well, I was thinking that, given her apparent destination. That’ll bring the ah gongs running, and maybe they’ll have a 50 year old unmarried son to spare.


I’ll be a little more blunt than other respondents here: at 62, you are simply not going to get much attention from 45-year-old men, Asian or otherwise. That’s not to say you won’t find friendships/relationships, but they will not be of the nature that you seem to be anticipating.

Men invariably look for women younger than themselves, and in Taiwan the average 45-year-old man has access to a dating pool of women in their mid-20s up to late 30s … which means, at best, you’ll be left with, um, the leftovers in that particular demographic. Or the relatively small number of men who have an older-woman thing going on.

It’s rough, but that’s the way the world is. Your age group is going to be men in their 60s and 70s. Certainly there are some men in that group who are single (for various reasons) and can communicate in English, but they’re aren’t a huge number of them.

It’s not going to be impossible, but you’ll have to put a fair amount of effort into it.


Incorrect, it varies. Most men prefer younger women, ok. Some don’t mind or will make exceptions. Some tend to prefer older women. Perhaps you don’t know what ‘invariably’ means…


I personally don’t care, older women, men, whatever.

I can’t stand ones that are too young though, like under 25/30.

Most other Taiwanese might have different tastes.