What can be done to help our SEA friends currently suffering

I was speaking with a friend who is able to speak with the SEA factory workers.

Some are currently locked in their dormitories with out access to any personal hygiene and fresh food.

They were locked up and it told hold long for. and obviously were not able to prepare.

What could we do to help them.

This is only hear say at the moment.


The situation they are being forced to suffer through right now is terrible. Many are now locked in their dormitories unable to leave, like slaves


I’m not sure, but it’s absolutely bloody disgusting. And almost certainly fifty shades of illegal.

This is precisely why I’ve been railing against Taiwan’s utterly hysterical response to COVID. People have quite literally taken leave of their senses, to the point where they think it’s acceptable to lock their fellow human beings in their “dormitories” without basic necessities.

Anybody know if they’re allowed to receive deliveries of basic goods (food, water, shampoo etc)? I suppose we could organise a whip-round and get them a supermarket delivery sent in?


Start a petition? It’ll cause them to lose face and I’m sure the media will be reporting very soon as they often have nothing but random traffic accidents to report.

Before we get the pitchforks. I must stress it’s only hear say. I have no proof other than what I was told.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if they were true. Seems in line with how and why SEA workers are brought here in the first place.

I heard the same info from contacts in the Phils. I don’t think it’s just a rumour.

contact to migrant workers organizations and ask them.

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In his column today, Michael Turton writes about the current unhappy situation by stating: “[V]accinate migrant workers. Now.”



Or, like, just stop the hysteria. Let them out in the fresh air. Lock people up in their dorms and rampant infection is guaranteed. How anybody finds this even remotely contentious is beyond me.


Yup. Ask NYC.

They’re not locked in their dormitories, not the ones in the eye of the storm. They’re in quarantine, either in Miaoli if positive, or bussed to Tainan and Kaohsiung and into quarantine hotels if contacts. They’ll be provided with basic necessities and food etc. I’m not defending their treatment, I agree it’s appalling.

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Gofundme to help with their forgone income? Presume their pay is being docked…

I was told that they are. They have nit been provided basic female hygiene products or other hygiene products.

I would like it not to be true so if you have proof please share.

Doesn’t sound likely. They would just break out if they were.

CECC said they will be quarantined with pay.


Sue the heck out of the company. I’d say that’s a better practice. Just like how it was appalling for the government to setup donations for victims of recent train crash, when it was clearly a criminal act.


Taiwan just a year ago was being held up as the pinnacle of achievement in the fight against Covid 19. How the mighty have fallen.:neutral_face::thinking:
There is Face Losing happening on an atomic scale right now.


I believe this could be true but I haven’t seen enough info to understand the situation. So where are they, and can we send them some things and make sure they get them? Is there any way we can help them? How many of them are there?

It’s illegal.