What can be done to help our SEA friends currently suffering

Hopefully this gets some international attention

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I’d spam relevant social media accounts with the link.



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Seeing a few comments saying that similar rules/regulations are being imposed on migrant workers in Changhua/Taichung now by the brokers/companies. Not sure how true it is, but been seeing more of these comments posted in the comments (on Facebook) of some of the English news articles this past day.

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In Hsinchu broker tries to “sneak” 32 migrant workers from Miaoli into a regular hotel.

This is a small step.

We need more international pressure. Hopefully they double down from the international pressure and are exposed for their true selves.

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Small mention today:

The spokeswoman [from ASE] said the dormitories are regularly disinfected, and the company is arranging more dormitory accommodation with the goal of keeping the number of individuals per room to four.

Caging up the entire CCP would be for common good.

You mean the same Taiwanese who insist on white skinned low grade teachers for the children ? Or the ones who discriminate against indigenous Taiwanese ? Or those who regularly discriminate against legal foreigners due to traditional Chinese nonsense ?

No I don’t think so. They may talk to seem modern in front of others - but when it comes to basics nothing has changed between their grandpa and them.

Just like Singapore, the pandemic has exposed to horrible human rights in government policy in Taiwan. - whether it’s migrant workers, fishermen, students, etc.

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I don’t get what your post to do with my post.

Hmm…not sure about that. Probably too far fetched. They’ve grown an economy at a pace the world has never seen. Maybe caging up the cronies of the CCP would be better, and more manageable without huge unrest.

Nah. Let’s start with the CCP … every single one of them.

Others can grow the economy. Let there be huge unrest in China.

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But…but…but I wanna credit them for doing stuff at record speed. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: They could build a COVID hospital in just days… :laughing:

Let there be huge unrest and make the ROC great again!

Migrant fisherman forced to stay on boats (not allowed to disembark). Pingtung set up PCR testing at harbor and after a negative test the migrant fisherman are allowed to enter Taiwan. So far only Pingtung has set up a PCR test site for migrant fisherman.

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Taiwan is learning fast from CCP.

Just because there’s a law doesn’t mean it has to be followed if it isn’t just.

Think about the scenario for a second: Taiwan deports foreigners for protesting conditions at migrant worker dormitories.

How is that going to make Taiwan look on a world stage?

Nearly 110% guaranteed that if it got to a deportation hearing you’d have some pretty heavy hitting lawyers on your side paid for by international migrant rights groups.

Not thinking about rules and blindly following them is only making the consequences of the Covid situation worse.

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Personally I would encourage everyone to write to their representative at the “embassy” and tell them to bring this issue up when they meet with their Taiwanese counterparts.

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I don’t know, but I have hope for the kids:

There’s no embassy. There’s no de facto embassy. There’s a trade office.