What game are you playing?


I tried it last night and didn’t enjoy it much. The first problem was the opening cut scenes seemed to add up to about 20 minutes, perhaps longer. It wasn’t even that interesting. The actual game play was okay but nothing that interested me. I didn’t get that far into it but it was fairly mundane. I’ll give it another go and perhaps it’ll get better.


Also the freebie for Taiwan Playstation Plus this month.


Thanks. I got that game after reading your recommendation. The game play is smooth, the graphics is clean. Most new FPS or TPS games I try on PS4 gives me a headache after 30 minutes. Ratchet does not. It is also fun and not overly serious, yet still challenging.


PUBG anyone else playing?


Do you guys get the jist that a lot of games take themselves too seriously nowadays?

Like…the amount of research and effort put into one game is like…making a movie. In some cases, they are making a movie since gamers nowadays expect top notch game play, plot, graphics and so on and so forth.

Whatever happened to the days of stupid fun games? I’m talking Super Nintendo to PS2 age. Off the top of my head, Twisted Metal, Crash Bandicoot and the Mega Man games all before they went 3D.


Anyone else tempted to get a switch? I watched some YouTube videos about games coming out for it and my friends who have it say it’s great. However, It’s hard to justify the price when I have a strong PC and steam sale games are insanely cheap compared to console retail prices.


I’m a bit on the fence about the Switch. However, I’m most concerned about being able to buy English games in Taiwan.

I don’t want to waste time ordering games online from overseas if it’s going to cost me extra.


Aren’t the games available in English? Or because it’s a Nintendo the games are all Japanese and Chinese here? For the PS4, almost everything is in English with Chinese as an option unless they are Japanese games.


From what I’m reading…you can buy straight from the shop and the Switch does not have region locking. Which is freakin’ sweet!


The old Final Fantasy series still works for me. I like reliving 7 and 8, especially since 7 might be getting a remake,


This game looks incredible. A crazy large sandbox RPG with 50 square Kilometer of maps. Kingdom come. Its based on 1600 Europe with realistic location. They had a historian on the team for historical accuracy and the locations are actually real places and the team actually went to visit them. No overpowering attributes and magic. Suppose to have an amazing no linear story line bigger than the Witcher and a map bigger than Skyrim to explore.


I have high hopes for KCD, it’s the kind of game I could be playing for ages. Realistic middle-ages settings have always been my favorites.
I’m only worried by the combat system because in many videos it looked clunky as fuck, I hope it will not feel like Skyrim’s.
I’ll not have access to my of until end of February, so I have a couple of weeks to see people’s feedback.


Good to know - I regretted buying a Wii because of the region-locking.


Combat is important, love the Witcher for it, fun and just challenging enough with different ways to go about and strategy but not so much it takes too much effort. I personally don’t like extremely hard and difficult combat, just enough to not be button mashing and be rewarding to use different things. I enjoy exploring and the story much more in a RPG. It comes out just before Valentine’s Day…not sure my gf is going to be happy about that.


I link my CTBC bank card and it works fine on PSN.


I bought a switch during Xmas for myself, great handheld if you travel and it’s a decent console when docked.


Lots of games have many language options including English


On a US PSN account? I have a card linked to my Taiwan account but the US account has never let me link one of my Taiwan cards. But then I don’t have a China Trust account.

The only real benefit to a US account now is that the US has much better deals. Even the PS Plus games are almost always the same, and even if they weren’t they don’t really excite me anyway.

I don’t play that much right now but I’m looking forward to the new PS4 Spider-Man game, God of War (half-half on that since it’s a big deviation) and Red Dead Redemption 2 (which I’ll probably grab on XBOX because it’ll probably have 4K and HDR). I’m considering Far Cry 5 but I haven’t actually finished one of those games since the first one.


I use the US account. Just get digital code on amazon. I prefer it compared to Taiwan account. I don’t get why they have to make accounts specific for each country. It’s really annoying.


For the Xbox, you can actually change your location (and your user name, but that’s a whole other kettle of fish). I changed to the US at one point so I could install the VUDU app, changed back to Taiwan. It seems all the pricing, deals and content are the same in each region, it’s just a few different apps and games aren’t available depending on your location.

Playstation’s system seems a bit tired but not much you can do about it. I have the Taiwan account to redeem codes if I buy a Taiwan-region game, or if they happen to have a deal worth getting. I believe I purchased Battlefield Hardline and Last of Us Remastered using the Taiwan account because they were cheaper.