What game are you playing?


Waiting on a decent mmo to come out. Lost Ark, WoW classic, Lineage Project TL ect… Getting so bored lately with games I’ve been multiboxing Maplestory M on the PC, that’s how bored!
Have a PS4Pro, but you know, PC Master Race. Though horizon zero dawn was decent and so was The Last of US, but that’s about as much as I can stand on a console, even playing on a 140 inch projector.
Need something new and good! :frowning:


I wonder if this game is “Boring”…


What games are you buying from the PS4 summer sale? There is also a code that will give you 10% off your entire cart.

I bought :
Shadow of war
Tom clancy’s ghost recon wildlands
titalfall 2
watch dogs 2


Total was 2660ntd


I sometimes enjoy trophy hunting on the PS4 but I only have about 6 or 7 platinums. One of those is Watch Dogs 2’s platinum trophy. It was fun and not too difficult. It didn’t involve you to get 100% of collectibles, which always screws me up.


I don’t have a single plat trophy ;/


Some games give them to you just for finishing them, like The Walking Dead Seasons 1 and 2. I usually lose interest in a game before getting the Platinum, though.

I just checked, I have 7.

  • Batman (Tell-Tale Games)
  • Rayman Origins
  • The Walking Dead
  • Terminator Salvation
  • Sleeping Dogs
  • Infamous: Second Son

It’s just another layer of challenge to some games, I guess. People get really serious about it. I typically only go for the platinum if I’m almost there anyway. Most of the games I really got into will sit at around 70-80% complete.


Ahh fuck it, gonna buy MH tonight. If anybody’s on steam, hit me up.


I pre-ordered because I know there’s no way I’ll be able to wait until Christmas sales for it, and at the most it will have a 10% discount. I’d rather play it and pay the extra 5$ or whatever. And by “play it” I mean “keep it on my pc until I’m back in Taiwan”. Feelsbadman.


Did you preorder with the 30% off? I didn’t see it, day 1 is only 20% off :(. Just bought and downloading now.


Do tell!

Was thinking of picking up Horizon Zero Dawn complete for 596 NT.




Installed MH and tried to play few minutes: it runs at 60fps on my laptop, gg.
Too bad my logitech controller doesn’t work well with the game, it’s unusable. I’ll try to get used to kb and mouse while i wait for Capcom to patch it.


The mouse is lagging in game, haven’t decided I if I wanna has controller or kb+mouse but will try both.

Haven’t decided on a weapon class either, my first MH game so I’m a tad overwhelmed.


they all have pros and cons, and some are better suited fpr specific monsters. In general, sword & shield is the most forgiving but fights can take quite long. Heavy weapons take a bit longer to get used to because they’re slow af, but once you get to know how monsters behave it becomes quite manageable. Great sword make it relatively easy to chop of f parts of monster that can be tricky to reach.


My cat <3


You’re already ahead of me; sif too busy!!!


So excited for Monster Hunter, I reached HR 4 in one day :smile:

Would anyone want to hunt together? Pm me with your steamID and I’ll add you


Lost an hours worth of play tonight due to a crash. That’ll teach me not to save after every quest!


Even with little time to play I’ve been making process quite quickly. I’ve just downed Rathalos and Diablos, so I’ll soon start high rank missions. Most monsters have a similar skillset to what they used to have in older games, with the addition of one or two things that catch me off guard and cause me an extra trip or two to the camp.

It’s a pity that online servers keep having issues, but hopefully by the time I’m back in Taiwan they’ll get fixed. Steady 60fps on my laptop, glorious.

The new charged strike mechanic is really cool, it adds a completely different playstyle. I’ve always been a Great Sword main and my usual strategy was hit & run. in MHW I’ve changed it to “run around for a while then nuke them from orbit”, the True Charge combo is absurd. Really looking forward to try my other favorite, the Dual Blades.