What game are you playing?

Roguelikes aren’t everyone’s cup of tea - I actually had a similar experience to you with Dead Cells where it got tons of praise and I simply didn’t ‘get it’. For roguelikes in general part of what people like is the sense of achievement, that you’re getting better slowly over time as you get farther and farther into it, you learn enemy patterns and eventually can breeze through the first levels without even taking a hit. What makes Hades so good, IMO, is everything else - the music is great, the voice acting is top-notch, the artstyle is cool, the plot is fun and works well with the gameplay, on top of it having good roguelike mechanics at its core.

Maybe a controller would help, maybe trying to mash less would help, or maybe you just want to play it for everything else I mentioned and the combat is secondary. At the end of the day you should only play games you like in ways that are fun for you. In the words of the immortal Reggie Fils-Aime, “If it’s not fun… why bother?”

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