What game are you playing?


Wolfenstine and assassins creed comes out tomorrow. Gfs not going to be happy. What you guys to try and get the gf/wife to give you some playing time.


I just got Destiny 2, what region are you playing on?


D2 is only Americas or Europe, but I’m pretty sure there are Asia servers. Asian countries should choose Americas, I see a lot of Chinese and Japanese players on.

If you and mates wanna join up with some of us, hit me up.


Wolfenstine 2 is epic. Killing nazis, hilarious dialogue, beautiful graphics, great cut scenes, lots of bad ass guns and weapons.


I’m thinking about getting Divinity: Original Sin as it seems like the kind of turn-based RPG I like, and it has some good reviews. However…

I just tried to buy it on Steam but my Bank of Taiwan VISA that I’ve used before to buy games from Steam was declined. I called Bank of Taiwan and they said it’s because Steam has been flagged as a “risk company.” Huh? Has anyone else come across this?

Bank of Taiwan wouldn’t run it through even manually after assuring them that yes, I wanted to make the NT900 purchase. Sigh…


Lol #taiwan. How about linking your card to PayPal and paying via that on Steam?


Yep, chose that option and it worked fine. Thanks!


No prob. I was gonna get Divinity 2 as well but Destiny rolled around :).


There are actually people pissed about wolfenstine 2 lol, they’re offended about killing nazis in the game…wtf is happening to the world. Apparently the neo nazi people think the game is racist… yes, killing nazi’s in the game is racist in todays world apparently.


They probably won’t like the new Call of Duty game too…


For what ever reason, I normally have to run my Hua Nan visa debit card through a couple of times on Steam before it gets accepted. Keep trying and it should work?


COD WW2 drops tomorrow


I believe some of the older COD are on Steam. I’m getting a bit fed up with playing multiplayer games and having to rely on useless teammates and might consider downloading them.

Have you played all the COD after COD2? I stopped playing after MW3, I think the COD franchise peaked at MW2.


Agree, MW2 is the pinnacle COD.


Before that, COD2 was a very very solid game.

I got super excited for COD World at War, which I think followed MW2? But it just didn’t live up to my own standards.

It was so bad I actually decided to buy a Halo game hahaha


No, I got older and had responsibilities so I basically stoped playing COD after high school. I tried to get into again but they jet packs and climbing on walls was just too much. I want to try this one though. I enjoy killing nazis in general, and I just finished wolfenstine. But some of my good memories of FPSs are of COD shooting with the M1 garand and Luger with my friends on split screens.


Killing Nazi’s never gets dull.
I lost interest in COD though. Mostly because they were too short. A few hours in and the campaign was over. I wanted longer playability in single player mode. Have a life and responsibilities so didn’t stand a chance in multi-player. Log in and bam! Killed by a camper…not fun.

That’s what shifted me over to games like Witcher 3, FarCry and Assassins Creed.


Yeah, I just don’t have time to put in the work to reach higher levels and get weapons upgrades etc. plus it’s bit stressful lol. I rather enjoy my time and play in a RPG and do whatever I want.


Why are these day one patches so large! 9gb!? Takes ages for me at night when the Internet gets so slow.


COD campaign feels like i’m playing through band of brothers.