What game are you playing?

Currently playing Elden ring
One of the best games I have ever played. Played over 100 hours so far and still plenty left to do and never gets boring

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Wholeheartedly agree.

Total War comes to mobile gaming


Free again if you missed

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I really want to get a gaming PC, there’s just not that much coming out for the PS5 right now. But idk if I realistically will have the time to game on the PC all that much

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Are you playing on console?

I tried it on PC and the keyboard+mouse controls are awful.

My suggestion, buy a Xbox 1 controller. You can play nearly any game on PC with an Xbox controller

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I played on PC. Yes it takes time to get used to controls but u can buy a controller. I finished the game after 154 hours. Best game I have ever played

I needed a break from Elden Ring so I bought some single player games during the Devolver sale:

Loop Hero - deck-builder roguelike - (quite fun if simple)

Inscryption - deck-builder / psychological thriller - just blowing me away

Observation - puzzle / psychological horror (I think) - haven’t played yet but looks promising

Another fun game
:free: :video_game:

Borderlands 3



WTF free :smiley: Go get it, everyone!

I bought Borderlands 3 already 2 times, to play through with my wife. Worth even full price. Super fun, super crazy, and a lot of silly humor. As long as you can stand the crazily unrealistic weapons :stuck_out_tongue: