What game are you playing?


Lol that’s gonna get old real fast!


In the pie chart screen, you can search for your past expenses. There’s also an analyze screen, where there’s a histogram of daily spending, and you can filter the histogram by categories.


My question should’ve been rephrased better. I’m more interested if whether you guys are using it to actually track expenses in a meaningful way, or just more of a game thing.


For me, both.

For the time being, it’s a new mini-game to play. Who knows if I’ll get bored of it in two days or a week.

However, I’m a bit curious as to where my money actually goes everyday/week/month. In my head, I know I don’t spend more than I make. I did the math when I started the job, but after change in income and spending, I haven’t re-done my math.


Good deals on PS Network. Black Friday Sale until 11/28.

Uncharted 4 is on sale for 500NT

I’m looking for a single player game that I can pick up and play for an hour every now and then. Any suggestions? Not really into FPS or Online Team Games.


uncharted if you haven’t played? You played the witcher right?


Yeah, I played Witcher and thoroughly enjoyed it. Have not played uncharted.


Is anyone still playing WoW?


I didn’t know people still played wow.


While Blizzard won’t talk specifics on subscriber numbers, it did share some impressive stats last month to boast about Legion’s launch. At the time, Blizzard said the expansion had sold 3.3 million copies by launch day,

Prob a safe guess to be 1m+ subs today.


@hansioux I’m finally getting the hang of Fortune City.

For some reason, my phone was turning off the app when minimized, so I was stuck with a bajillion drink shops and parks because I didn’t have money to merge.

I’m kind of stuck between saving up to continue merging and get cooler buildings or should I save up to upgrade things in town hall.

I really don’t like needing to make more buildings to get more citizens. I have a good amount of diamonds and no place to use them.

Are you still playing @Liub ?


Yup still “playing”, same issue with not enough citizen progression. I usually have enough money to merge but I probably have less buildings of same type than you. One of the town hall upgrades is a VIP citizen that counts outside of your cap, that’s pretty cool, but you will realise they level lock that to make you upgrade the first town hall upgrade that increases your max coin amount.


@Liub @ranlee @hansioux you guys really like this game huh? I don’t usually play mobile game, but maybe i’ll give it a shot.


I’m decidedly unsure whether I like this “game”, but seem something to do on the MRT lol.


I feel like thats why mobile games are so popular here, the MRT, everyone is playing something on it. From kids to grandmas.


we get 5 buildings everyday regardless. so we actually get more citizens by playing longer.

My strategy right now is to merge a single type of buildings first. Since I buy food more frequently than other type of spending, I am trying to level up my restaurant. Higher level buildings make a lot more money.


I’m the same, I’m not big on mobile gaming. Fortune City is actually the only game I have installed on my phone right now. I like how it’s both a game and tracks my spending/income.

Honestly, it doesn’t take too much 低頭 time. I buy something, pick the category, input the amount spent and press the check mark. There’s not too much you can do after that unless you’re constantly rearranging the buildings in your city.

That’s not too bad of a strat. Upgrading in the town hall takes a lot of money and it seems like that’s the long game.

My current highest building is a level 3 park, since I’m not actually spending money everyday, builders are getting bored and buildings parks everyday!


The first Expansion for Destiny 2 came out yesterday. Bit of black lash online but people seem to forget the exact same thing happened with the first game. The content was lacking and they slowly trickled these small expansions out, followed by the later game add ons (for outrageous prices).

I played the new planet (Mercery) a bit. It’s kind of nonsense - nothing special - but I really didn’t expect much either. It’s essentially why I didn’t want to get the game at full price in the first place.

There was supposedly an HDR update for consoles yesterday too. Can’t see much difference, I don’t think. The colours do pop but I feel like they always popped.


I finally got a 6 star building… that took a while


I just got my level 3 park…in which I merged to a police station.

I’m currently saving up to merge my two Stonehenge into Moai.