What happened to Forumosa Friends? Where to find people on Forumosa?

Hi All,

I was reading through some old posts on here and noticed a lot of references to Forumosa Friends. Was this removed? If so, what forum should I be using instead to look for like minded individuals?

FYI, I’m a 26 yo Korean American currently living in US, about to move to Taipei in August to work for a year or longer. Hoping to find some cool people to hang out with once I land!

If you want to find people on Formosa specifically

This club is still active? @ranlee

Or, there might be a secret sign that forumosans exchange? @hanna149


Pretty hard to maintain an outfit called “Friends” when everyone hates each other.

Just sayin


Yeah, Forumosa is not the place to make friends. It would be closer to the truth to say that its the place to make enemies. At least you’ll probably never meet them in real life.


A bit more active now than it was in the past few years.


How would a cycling club be a solve here? Are you saying you need to take up road cycling in order to make friends in Taiwan?

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I’m Taiwanese American, I’m up for a few beers but past the clubbing thing. I have a few ABC friends from L.A we get drinks once in a while in Xinyi. Most of us are in our 30s. You’re welcome to join us


OP is asking “Where to find people on Forumosa?”
I’m sure there are some forumosans in the club.

I dont hate anybody here… I actually did make friends on the forum.

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If the OP is a cyclist, sure. If he’s not it’s a pointless suggestion.

I think there is…

I just provided info of a place that the OP may find people on Formosa. Whether he is a cyclist, I don’t care.

You need to know what is in the ice cream.


Just so we know, Formosa Friends wasn’t part of this site; it was just a plug-in for the worldwide Friend Finder website.

To make friends in Taiwan browse FB groups according to your interests. Ultimate Frisbee, Salsa, Pole dancing, Death Metal. They’re all there.

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We could revive the Happy Hours. Vote here.

I believe you.

I have also been trying to find some people with western mindset to hang out with. Either expat or ABC. Tried the language exchange / meetup thing but no luck there. Ideally looking for people that just wants to bs instead of going with a purpose of bettering them self such as improving their language, looking for a date, getting in shape or furthering their career.

I’m down for a couple of drinks, when and where u guys gonna meet up?