What is Your Favorite Rockumentary?

Does it have to be rock music? My favorite one is Amadeus. It’s about Mozart. But it’s a movie, not so much of documentary.

Bad Reputation

Good rockumentary about Joan Jett and The Runaways.

Bad Reputation (2018) - IMDb

I’ve not read this thread. Can I go with Spinal Tap, or will that make me lukewarm water?

It’s a classic, even though the director has since gone clinically insane.

I don’t know about this. Because he’s making another Spinal Tap?

Check out his twitter and you’ll see what I mean.

A quick glance suggests Reiner is anti Trump.

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You think being anti Trump is clinically insane? Or am I missing something here?

You probably need to read more. It’s not that he’s anti-Trump, but more the way he goes about it.

Can one ever read too much? The advice is appreciated, though.

With Reiner, I think you’ll quickly reach the point of diminishing returns.

In which case my reading more wouldn’t be a good idea.

Seriously, I’m giving you a massive benefit of the doubt on your “You probably need to read more” comment.

The Day the Music Died/American Pie


The Day the Music Died (2022) - IMDb

Eh, Dr. Milker probably just feels about Rob Reiner like how I feel about James Wood or Jon Voigt (or, on the lefty side, Susan Saradon).
They can do, or more likely have done, good work but have ideas you disagree with. Paying attention to the political thoughts of a Hollywood actor is like paying attention to the ideas of a professional athlete .

It’s not the ideas themselves, but his level of wackiness.

This I totally agree with.

IMDb: : Searching for Sugar Man
Searching for Sugar Man (2012) - IMDb

This one was so good that I discovered a musician and music that I like and had never heard about.