What just happened? Everything is different

Even after you hide it after touching the hamburger menu?

If you hide the menu you have no way of searching for posts.

FIFY :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok, so my issue is that if I touch my profile pic, there are blue reminders that I have a post response or a like , but I don’t. I also don’t have a post moved to another thread, yet the blue light remains.

I can’t live like this, Gus!

Are you referring to the column of icons what have little blue dots on them? It takes getting used to if you can’t simply ignore them.

On the other side, with the hamburger sidebar, I was inclined to read the unread threads (which is why I gravedug a few threads) – until I chose to hit the Dismiss button at the top of the forums.

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This hasn’t changed for me. When I want to search, I use the magnifying glass :mag: , which hasn’t moved (it’s near my avatar in the upper right corner of the forums).


Maybe you mean browsing for posts. I see a major improvement here, because I can choose which forums I want to have accessible with a single click, and not wade through the Latest and New landing pages. With this Sidebar, I can customize it by (a) removing some of the forums that are there by default (what people who are not logged into Forumosa – TL0 people – are forced to see) and (b) adding the forums I want to make sure I browse thru when I do drop by, like private forums for the moderators and Regulars (TL3s) and the Feedback forum. That reduces my number of clicks when before I had to click and scroll (and sometimes forget what forum I was wading my way to).

Your feedback here is important. This was stuff really easy to activate, and should be easy to roll back if we choose to do so. Given that most of this stuff is easy to ignore if you aren’t into it leads me to think that we ought to give this a chance. I admit - I am still learning to use Discourse properly. But I have and I “get it” more and more.

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I wouldn’t trust it too far. I asked it to summarize a newer thread:

Write a 100 word summary of this thread: Taiwan Family Based Immigration vs Other Countries

Much of that is not true. Canada isn’t even mentioned at this point in the thread.

I tried another website and and a YT video and it just made stuff up.


That’s a good warning. And fwiw I still plan to read the entire Richart thread (it’s just taking me a long time). But the potential for how LLM can be used here is pretty cool/scary


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Yes, but I’m looking at the new posts, replies and such, and the blue marker is still there.

When you click on an icon that has a blue marker, you are presented with a list of posts immediately to the left in the menu. Clicking on that post isn’t enough, because you land where you last were reading it - you need to get jump to the bottom of the thread to remove it from the Unread Posts list. That’s what is needed to remove the blue marker.

That or looking at the bottom of the list and clicking :heavy_check_mark: Dismiss :slight_smile:


Then I gave it a 2 day old CNN article, asked it to summarize the news article, and it said it can’t summarize future news. It said summarizing future news is unethical. I tried again, calling it a webpage, and it seemed to get it right. I’ve asked it before and it has said it can’t access the internet. I suppose it is able to access specific links.

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We have dismissal. Thanks.

Your posts, sir, remain unambigously in the top 10%. :slightly_smiling_face:


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Someone has to think of the children.


I really appreciate all the technical work that goes into this site. That said, everything seems overly complicated now whereas it was quite streamlined before.


I think it’s just because we are not used to it yet.
Remember when it changed to Discourse server?
This is nothing compared to that! :sweat_smile::joy:


You survived anonymization, so you may be jaded!


Question around retention policy. How far back does the chat history go before it is purged?

90 days

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Is it archived on the server at that point?