What Movies Are You Watching? —2016—


I’m not sure how these series of 3 films passed me by, but I’m glad I stumbled across them on YouTube.

The films are called ‘The Booze Cruise’ ( I, II, III). They’re low budget British films staring Martin Clunes, Neil Pearson and Brian Murphy. I thought they were hilarious in places and well worth a watch…



[quote=“ranlee”]Did you actually buy tickets for both showings or just snuck your way into the theater after the movie started?

I used to do that with friends back home in the states when we were young. Took the movie theater a few years to realize that people were spending entire afternoons watching multiple movies…for free.

How did they fix it? Nope, not assigned seating. Every theater had employees standing outside to check tickets.[/quote]

We would buy the tickets ahead of time. I miss those days.


Just watched “Love,Honour and Obey”. Ray Winstone, Jude Law… Brilliant! I love those London Gangster films.



Snuck in to see that Batman versus Superman movie the other week. Seriously shitty movie. Sorry bout that fans.
Saw THE KNIGHTSMAN tonight. Good entertaining yarn with some cuties and some good soundtrack.

Half a dozen people in the 9pm showing. Movie is not doing well in the box office. I will have to rent the first one now that I saw the second.


Went to see The Book of love or Finding Mr. Right 2 -actual translation From Beijing to Seattle part 2, even though the story/characters have nothing to do with the part 1, but anyways…

Enjoyed this one a lot more, even though it is clearly a cough cough "adaptation" of several Western movies-it is allegedly based on a Western classic romantic book- but I was bracing for an ending not quite like a la original Korean movie that inspired The Lake House -but rather tragic. There is some tragedy but it does not feel forced nor trite.

Of course, ther eis always that thing that bothers me, which in thie case was the representation of Western women and Western people in general -even though the story is set in US. Enhanced by the fact that the people behind me talked all the way back to the MRT on “how faith ful and more romantic Chiense people were compared to Westeners”…sigh Oh well.

Anyways, it is very entertaining -did not finish my popcorn kind of interesting- and Wu Xiabo is very handsome - seeing that Takeshi Kaneshiro is MIA again for the next two years… double sigh.


OK, they are going to start playing San Andreas on TV, so that can be our Summer Disaster Movie…unless we can get tickets for ID4. Since it is being setup as the hook for a trilogy, hopes are dim, but at least the special effects will be spectacular -at least the ones from the trailers are so.

Otherwise, it seems that the secret service comedy The Rock has coming up soon should be good. And The Home Alone - Pets edition movie is really going to be off the hook.

Unfortunately, as we gaze upon teh movie landscape of remakes/sequels and refried ideas, we can also hear the distant thuinder of heretics - who the hell dares to remake The Rocky Horror Picture Show?! The horror, the horror…

More remakes/sequels:


I have also realized that Chinese cinema is now engaged in copying US 80’s and 90’s rom-coms, in which women dare to ponder whether they can manage work and get a boyfriend serious enough to get married. Examples of these are Go Lala Goand The last woman standing, which bring echoes of everything from Working Girlon. Guess in 5 years or so we’ll get the Chinese version of Don’t know how she does it.


I am torn this weekend between watching ID4 and the Secret Life of Pets. Both are big screen worthy, but budget is tight, even with VIP card. ID4 is not getting ravashing reviews, but if I go to see Pets, it will be by myself in a hall full of kids because my Taiwanese friends prefer the Mandarin dubbed version and I ain’t doing that.

BTW, has anyone heard about Train to Busan? My Spanish friends -who are devotee Korean soap opera fans- are raving about it. It is a Korean zombie movie. Have they played it here already or it is not even available yet?


Go into ID4 with no expectations and you will enjoy it. I would choose a movie with no kids vs more than 3 kids…always.

I went in knowing there was no freakin’ way it could be better and more epic than the first one. I left happy, but definitely missed the presence of Will Smith.


Train to Busan will open in Taiwan August 25th.

Will be interesting after Snowpiercer.


Wife is an avid movie goer. She saw Secret Life of Pets , said it was well worth seeing. She said Finding Dory was not as good as Finding Nemo. She said ID4 was good. I think i will see those on DVD and save the 11 bucks going to see it on the big screen.

I heard BFG was very good.

We saw The Shallows last night. 4 people watching on a late Tuesday show. Was “ok” in my book. Only good if you have seen everything else and need to see a movie .


Secret life of pets is good, worth seeing. Lots of kids at the showing tonight. And people clapped at the end.

Entertaining and brings a smile to your face, whatever age you may be.


Secret Life of Pets was great. A good laugh and does have it’s moments. For some reason, it didn’t get great reviews though.

ID4 was a good standalone movie, but tough to compare when the original was so freakin epic.


If someone already went to see Star Trek, can you tell me if it is a must in 3D? I do like my giant screen, might even do IMAX, but 3D… not so sure. Some movies do shine in 3D but others better remain where they are.

Muchas gracias.


I doubt it’s necessary, but I’m not a big fan of 3D anyway.

Star Trek Beyond itself: good! Not great, but good - I think I liked it significantly more than the “Wrath of Khan” retread from a few years ago. The story was kind of weird and didn’t make sense in places, and it suffers the now almost-standard problem of the antagonist having completely unpredictable power levels (basically omnipotent the whole way through until weaknesses are required for story beats). But the character interactions were very good - if you’re a fan of the classic Kirk/Spock/McCoy triangle, it’s excellent. To me it felt much more “like Star Trek” than the second or perhaps even the first of the rebooted version.

Between Idris Elba in this, Christopher Eccleston in Thor 2, and Lee Pace in Guardians of the Galaxy, what is going on with burying some of our most charismatic actors under countless layers of prosthetics/CGI?!


Suicide squad had its moments but honestly ran a little too long. Anybody see anything good - Or terrible that they recommend we should avoid?


Enchantress was one of the worst villains on screen.


This might be interesting


Tried to get to see Train to Busan… it was sold out until like 9pm and my friend couldn’t stay that long -she does not live in Taipei. So we went to see Love and Friendship, as we are both Jane Austen fans. Loved the story, more or less was keen on delivery and acting,… but who the heck was doing the editing for Spielberg’s sake!? That and all the subtitles in Chinese -I mean, the introduction of the characters is done by subtitles… and my pal cannot read Chinese, and there were a couple too long/complicated for me to read. I mean, who does that?! Not the Chinese part, I mean, introducing characters by subtitle. Even in Englihs it would have been…weird. I enjoyed the story, but was a bit disapointed with the delivery. And Kate Beckinsale better go back to vampire films.

Interestingly, it has great reviews and the critics are riveted.

What audacity, what elegance! Here is a hilariously self-aware period comedy polished to a brilliant sheen. Whit Stillman was probably born to direct a Jane Austen movie. But he has found a new way of dramatising Austen – or just found a new Austen, an Austen who appears to have pre-emptively absorbed 21st-century satire and inoculated herself against it. This Stillman has done by lighting on an early, posthumously published novella, Lady Susan, bringing it to the screen, and renaming it after a quite separate piece of juvenilia, thus playfully echoing the classic noun balances of her more famous titles.


I watched X-men Apocalypse last night.

I’m glad I didn’t spend money in the theater to watch it. I do like how the story unfolds, but how the boss man was defeated was kind of…obvious.

I do really really like the nod at the 90’s cartoon at the end though.

What’s interesting is there’s suppose to be more X-men movies, but the three main character’s contracts are up. Will we see them reprise?


Well if studios are really motivated I’m sure there’s always more money to throw at actors, or whatever.