What Movies Are You Watching —2018—



Really cool one. Can’t begin to imagine such crisp images were shot with an iPhone.


Quite curious about the stupid, mindless fun that the rock’s rampage could offer.


Anyone here watch A Quiet Place yet? This was the first time I’ve been in a theater in Taiwan where the entire place was quiet.

Also, do you guys confront people who are on their phones during movies? I understand if one has to check his/her phone, but it pisses me off when they are checking fb/ig. One time I asked this lady to put her phone down, she waved me off like a fly. Next time she took out her phone, I loudly told her to knock it off. She was a bit shocked.


I don’t, I’m an avid movie goer and have probably had the issue once or twice and I’m too focused on the movie to take notice. As long as you do not feel embarrassed doing it, I imagine that your final solution is the only solution to get them to stop it if they continued to do so. Public shaming/likelihood of showing up on Apple Daily is definitely one of the top fears of locals.


I don’t confront people because I’m not the police and not the theater management and not their mom and not on a personal quest to make that theater a better place. If I have a problem I will talk to the management and let them deal with it.

Is someone telling me to put down my phone, I would deal with it depending on who the person is. It’s an old woman, I would follow her wishes. But in some cases I would report to the management that someone in the movie theater is harassing me.


Heads up:

Tickets for Avengers:Infinity War went on sale in Taiwan on line a while ago and are selling fast.

Anyone for the matinee on the 25th in Ximenting?


I’m only curious, not excited, about Avengers: Infinity War. I keep expecting Marvel to fall down, despite their amazingly consistent record. I’m sure I’ll see it eventually, but my usual practice is check the reviews and then see it a few weeks later.


I hope Avengers 3 fucking BOMBS so that this annoying piece of shit wave of superhero movies would finally die down. Unfortunately that is unlikely to happen.


We have Tai Ge Da VIP and got us free tickets for showings at Miramar on May 5th.

I feel like “tickets are selling fast” only apply to the major theaters. Living Mall Cinemark on the other hand…


I am going for the giant Ximenting screen out of convenience and VIP price. Would rather have IMAX but Miramar is far, far away.

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The novel is thinner than the lacquer coating on a DVD. The story is about a guy playing an online puzzle for high stakes, with a detour into first romances, something Spielberg in particular could struggle with. (The only worse director for this would be even cringier George Lucas, imo.) The soundtrack is there in the novel and could be pretty strong.

I’ll wait and catch Ready Player One on television here in Taiwan.


RIP, Miloš Forman.

My mother made me see Amadeus when I was in kindergarten and it scared the bejesus out of me. I really enjoyed Man on the Moon, being both fans of Andy Kaufman and Jim Carrey. I also heard there is a related doc on Netflix now…I’ll be sure to check it out.


^Indeed. Amadeus is one of the very few films that could be dubbed a masterpiece. May him rest in peace.


I went to see Infinity War yesterday and thought it was great. I imagine it wouldn’t make sense on its own, but with the foundation of the MCU it is very enjoyable. It’s pretty action packed, and barely takes a break in between action scenes. I know that may be something that turns people off but it was wild.

I did predict the end years ago, though. Still not disappointed.


Ugh, I gotta wait until next week. I got tickets to a free screening, but wasn’t quick enough to reserve tickets for this weekend.

I have to somehow avoid the internet for the upcoming week.


I’ve been looking around the internet and so far it has been pretty light on spoilers. Come Friday/Saturday (when it opens in America), I guess it’ll be like when everybody was trying to spoil Force Awakens.

I think you absolutely need to avoid spoilers. There are some very interesting moments (even mid-movie) that wouldn’t have been as fun if I knew they were coming.


:nauseated_face: Avengers. I can’t believe Brie Larson is wasting her talent on this Captain Marvel bullshit.

Anyway, I saw Le Samouraï by Jean-Pierre Melville and Barry Lyndon by Kuberick recently. Now we’re talking about actual masterpieces that are worth watching. I’ll probably purchase the blu-ray of these two. Two of the most beautiful films ever made.


Yeah, I know. Her acting in Kong: Skull Island was amazing.


You can get the Kubrick Blu-Ray collection from amazon UK for about NT$1000 including shipping. It doesn’t include Spartacus or Dr. Strangelove (the US set does), but I bought them separately for pretty cheap.

The US set costs over NT$6000.