What Movies Are You Watching —2018—



Dunkirk was particularly boring. 3 billboards particularly dumb.

There is a trend among select movie houses here in concord/Walnut Creek/p.hill for 6 buck Tuesdays. Just brilliant

New fancy theatre opened up recently. Usually 13.95 so I only go on tuesdays with the mrs.

That aside she dragged me to tomb raider. Does anyone remember the ones with Jolie.

Comparisons please.

It was mildly entertaining. Only liked it cus what’s her face is cute and is similar looking to tw girls (flat chested). Not that that itself is a virtue, just reminds me of home


Man, I’m glad seeing flat chested girls doesn’t make me homesick. That would be really rough for me living here.


Ha I should think the rare big kabooza will set off a few cells for ya.


Yeah…my own rack is usually the biggest one I see all day. :flushed:


I hear ya mine approaches tw girl sized…time to seriously diet…no lunch for the next century.


Try keto. It is the less painful diet I have been on.

Most importantly, my ta das have not suffered, diminished or weakened. :sunglasses:

That said, I have heard horrid things about the rebooted Tomb Raider. lack of ta das has been the mildest. But I have heard even worse from Pacific Rim - comparing it to Power Rangers does not help.


What movies do you guys immediately start watching whenever you’re channel surfing and you see it’s on?

For me, one of them is Shawshank Redemption. It’s currently playing on HBO Signature as I type this.




I have a soft spot for Shyamalan. His work is incredibly uneven, but when he hits that sweet spot, like with Signs, the Sixth Sense or Unbreakable, there’s nothing like it.

For me, the immediately start watching movies would include things like Pulp Fiction, Trainspotting, GoodFellas, the Usual Suspects, Groundhog Day…


Shyamalan takes chances. But yeah, when he’s right you can’t look away. I watch all his movies at least once.

Another. Jackie Brown.

I always try to catch the scene where Ordell talks Beaumont into getting in the trunk, just because Tarantino is genius. Louis gets his fill of Melanie in the mall parking lot, I love that scene, too. If I stick around that long, I’m usually there until the end.


Shyamalan is incredibly inconsistent. Like Tarantino, his ego is huge and he keeps making himself characters in his own films even though he can’t act for shit. He also got pigeon-holed after his first few films, because everyone was expecting his films to always end in a surprise twist, but the twists got dumber and dumber. ‘Signs’ was the first… heh… sign that Shyammy was slipping. Opinions are split on that film. I thought the first half was okay, but the twist ending with the aliens being hurt by water doesn’t make sense for a load of reasons. And from there things got worse with ‘The Village’, ‘Lady in the Water’, ‘The Happening’, ‘Last Airbender’, etc. all being crap. Finally, about two or three films ago, he stopped trying to shoehorn twists and himself into every film. ‘The Visit’ and ‘Split’ were quite good. Not as great as ‘Sixth Sense’ and ‘Unbreakable’, but decent. So I’ll give him a second chance and see what he does next.


This is key. The glimpses of genius he’s shown guarantees I’ll watch his future films just to see if he’s still got it. There’s a good chance I’ll be disappointed, but it’s a chance I’m still willing to take.


I watched Ready Player One yesterday and loved it. The bad up front: I’d say there was a lot of exposition up the top of the movie, a tiny bit of obvious product placement (what else is new?) and there were a couple of very forced “'member this?” moments in dialogue. Otherwise, it was just a joy throughout.

Without spoiling anything, I was giddy throughout the ‘quest’ for the ‘second key’ which was… oh man, I loved that. I didn’t know this particular reference was in the movie and it just put a smile on my face.


I heard its different from the book which is supposedly great, which I have not read. Anyone read the book?


I haven’t read it but took a glance at a summary. The central premise is the same, but character fates and the challenges the players encounter are different.


Ready Player One, is probably the most epic nerd movie I’ve ever watched. I had zero expectations going in and that’s normally how I go into movies that I don’t do too much research on. Overall, I thought it was awesome. My friend who read the book said it didn’t follow the book, but it was still enjoyable.

The concept isn’t anything we have never of before, but the references were endless. Nerdgasm when Daito changed into that avatar (?) in the final battle. I almost needed a new pair of pants.


School of Rock. My intended 20 minute breakfast ended up to be over an hour just recently.


The French movie Faces Places was ok if you’re into artsy documentary feel good stuff.


Loved this movie for some reason.


There is a line in the “Billions” series S01e06, where they are drinking some new whiskey and the response is “well, the Taiwanese do upend the Scots these days”. It’s Kavalan soloist.