What Movies Are You Watching —2018—


I saw the first one after watching the second one and yeah the second one was definitely better. The first one was also good, though. They are just beautifully-crafted.


Which “precursors” are you talking about? It just seemed like everyone in town really lo-v-e-d Shape of Water, that’s all.

And they had to give Jordan Peele something (also helped that he was practically at every single possible voter/industry event, shaking hands & taking selfies with constituents and such).

He’s such a lovable teddy bear and it was just a really good, well loved, well made film. Not a lala situation there.


Do it!

The Paddington flicks? Maybe I should consider checking them out.


Caught Shape of Water over the weekend, it was B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L.

Is it me or does Michael Shannon get typecasted as the bad FBI agent all the time?


It’s the only thing he can play. I think it’s just his look that does it. There’s this Netflix family Christmas movie that he stars in and you spend the whole movie waiting for him to murder someone.


If it helps, he was hunted by the FBI in that one other movie (2016?) where he’s the good guy with the alien child.


Lol yes that was my thinking too!


Golden globe drama, SAG ensemble, and BAFTA best film. TSOW didn’t even get a SAG ensemble nod. The last BP winner without a SAG ensemble nod was Braveheart. Granted, TSOW had the PGA win and McDonagh failed to receive a BD nom, so TSOW had those going for them.

I thought 3 billboards was gonna win original screenplay for the same reason. It’d won GG and BAFTA screenplay. Get Out did win the WGA but 3 Billboards wasn’t eligible for that. I thought with 3 Billboards nominated, Get Out wasn’t gonna win.

And you should definitely check the Paddingtons out. Paddington 2 is pretty much the only 10/10 2017 film I’ve seen.


Last year BP Moonlight. Ensemble went to Hidden Figures.

Eh, why?

Haha, oh snap. I’ll consider it.


if you like Paddington you will enjoy Peter Rabbit. Which was entertaining. Kids will love it.


Moonlight was nominated for ensemble. The Shape of Water didn’t even receive an ensemble nomination.

By nod I mean nomination, not win. Before TSOW Braveheart is the only BP winner that didn’t get an ensemble nomination at the SAG awards.


Oh boy this could go both ways:

The humor seems a bit dark, but it could be worse:


Racism? Really? How about it’s just a really bad movie that totally mangles the excellent book it’s based on?


The trailer looks really bad. Oprah and Witherspoon’s wigs look straight out of RuPaul’s Drag Race.


It especially pisses me off because I loved A Wrinkle in Time as a kid. Good thing L’Engle isn’t around to see what they did to her book.


Frances McDormand won another best actress for a movie set in a small town

Three billboards was not a good movie like Fargo, her other best actresss win

Fargo one can watch again this one…no

Watching Darkest Hour now on dvd…

P.s. Darkest Hour is worth watching and Oldman’s Oscar is well deserved


Finally saw A Taxi Driver with English subtitles. Awesome movie. A must see. The acting, the build up. If you know what is going to happen, it makes the set up even more poignant. But this is no heart string manipulation. Characters are so human drawn, so complex and layered and shown how affected by the whole situation in different ways. We learn to care and fear for them, and when tragedy strikes, you care.

Looking forward to 1987.

They also had The Shape of Water, which was impressive in its topics, and Three billboards, which unfortunately I could not see, no time. Had to choose and was captivated by my choices.


The movie about Churchill got me to rent DUNKIRK. What a boring ass movie that was, I got to near the end and just turned it off. BORING ass movie.

Just trying to put a bit of history out there is what it was, but there was nobody to like in that movie, nobody to really feel for. BLAH HUMBUG


Three billboards, the lady lead got an oscar same as she did in FARGO. But FARGO was much more entertaining. 3 billboards is a small shit of a movie in a small shit town. I’d not see it again. FARGO was a big shit of a movie in a small shit town.

The shit in this instance meant good shit.


Lady Bird. It’s hella tight.


Both Three Billboards and Dunkirk are far better than the cringey baity Oscar vehicle for Oldman that is Darkest Hour. The makeup was good, there were some pretty shots, but the rest of the film was pure mediocrity. Especially that subway scene lmao. That was corny af.

That said, neither Three Billboards nor Dunkirk were particularly great.