What Movies Are You Watching —2018—


Glad to see Gary Oldman win it. A terrific actor.


I’m a del Toro fan, but I don’t think The Shape of Water deserved Best Picture or Best Director. Pan’s Labyrinth was a far superior film. Maybe these were proxy Oscars for PL? Haven’t seen the Oldman film yet…looking forward to it.


My sister loves them. That’s why she works for WB


I enjoyed The Shape of Water a lot. I think as far as best picture goes, I get why it won. In terms of overall quality, from the script to the design to the direction and the performances, it just hit all the targets. I feel like Three Billboards’ direction was inconsequential and the strength of the movie is on the script and the performances. Some of the other movies were somewhat uneven for one reason or another.


Anyone watch red sparrow? Want to go see it.


What did she think of tomb raider? The river/plane sequence exceeded my expectations.


Black Panther was “different”. And the interesting thing was that the movie seems to be aimed at the black community in the sense that all the ads that I saw were acted out mainly by black people. Kinda weird. And yet, the audience last night in Concord (not a black community per se) was mainly non black.

Does the movie have to be subconsciously , at least, a “black movie” ?

It was a good yarn though and well made movie. I liked it, but to use my tried and true yardstick if a movie was good…would I see it again? Nah.

Oh as a side note, most movies are in this category, that I would not care to see it again.


Red Sparrow was a “chick movie”. Was “alright” . Would i see it again? Nah. Now that I saw it would I even had wanted to see it ? Nah.


Think both of these movies I will wait till Redbox has them for 1.5 a view, rather then spend more at the movies on them.


I can’t wait to see that. As a high schooler who was in love in Angelina Jolie, the original was awesome and I’m not one to skip out on a female lead action movie.

It’s coming out in Taiwan tomorrow. (I still do not understand why major blockbuster movies come out earlier than US releases in Taiwan). What’s the dealio?


You would. :laughing: It has a few solid action sequences, but while her core strength is flawless, she skews a bit too skinny tbh. I mean her arms just look like twigs - It’s tough at times to feel like the punches are convincing (this is an action film after all).
Otoh, (not to knock on Angie, but) Alicia Vikander’s british accent is better and more consistent, though. While good, I also really wished Walton Goggins was more of an antagonist.
Pro tip: there isn’t a post-credits scene, don’t bother to stay.

No clue.


Lebowski was 20 on Tuesday. May be time to corral a beverage and watch it again.


I could certainly use a couple White Russians right now.



Not exactly what I meant, but that’ll work too.


Ok, I spoke too fast. Why is it that Japanese movies take so long to be shown here in Taiwan? I mean, Mazinger Z Infinity has been shown in Europe and Latin America, maybe even US, and is arriving on local theaters March 30th.

I know I am showing my age but I do not care. This is cool. It was the first mecca and the inspiration for Pacific Rim.

This was my childhood. Movie should be pretty cool.


Finally saw Paddington 2 last night. It was better than all the BP nominees this year.


The Disaster Artist.

It was fine, I guess. Some critic said it was like watching a 2 hour ‘Funny or Die’ skit, and I can’t say I disagree. Don’t understand why it got so much Oscar buzz for BP. I’d give it a B or B-.

I mean, it was basically ‘Ed Wood’ for millennials.


And rarely for a movie can be said to be even better than the first one


Russian girls can be very hot but they mostly really only like Russians