What Movies Are You Watching —2018—


It is possible that I’ll see Ocean’s 8 this weekend despite lukewarm reviews.

I caught Ocean’s 11 on HBO the other day and thought it was mediocre af, though, but since Ocean’s 8 has a better cast (Bullock + Blanchett >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Clooney + Damon + Pitt + Roberts) I’m expecting it to be less annoying.


Oceans 8, yeah, it’s kinda chick flicky, but its ok. At least mildly entertaining. And somewhat credible unlike many of the movies these days.


I have similar thoughts after seeing it this past weekend.

It was pretty good in terms of action, suspense and I liked the chemistry between Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas, but what it really lacked was the iconic John Williams Jurassic Park tune at an epic moment. Maybe I missed it?

I understand Jeff Goldblum already said his role was tiny and it turned out to be, but really wish he contributed more to the plot.

Yeah, seriously, the modified dinosaur thing was a bit meh, but glad to know that we are most likely not going to see it in the third installment with how this movie ended.

I still liked the first Jurassic World a bit better. It’s not every movie you get to see Bryce Dallas outrun a t-rex in Jimmy Choos.


How many times did they try to recreate that moment? The one where another bad ass dinosaur steps in and saves the day? I feel like there were about 3 or 4 moments where they’re about to be devoured by a monster and Blue or the T-Rex appears and gets them out of trouble. Overused trope, and without the John Williams score it’s completely ineffective.

The first Jurassic World isn’t without faults but it’s fine. Not in my top 100 or anything but they built an okay premise off a dead franchise. Totally agree about Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard too; they’re not the problem.


Watched two movies over the weekend:

Isle of Dogs - AWESOME, go watch. Stylish and uplifting. Might be my movie of 2018 thus far.

Ocean’s 8 - probably exactly as you have imagined it in your head, good for a lazy afternoon.


I really want to watch it but the wait for it to come to Taiwan was so long I don’t want to reward them with my money. Maybe when the blu-ray comes out, I’ll import it in protest.

Not that the distributors will ever know… I should write a strongly worded letter too.


I didn’t really know much about it at all, I watched another movie a while back and saw the trailer for it and knew I had to go watch it.

Definitely not a movie that needs to be in the cinema though so you’re probably not missing out from that perspective.


Yeah, seriously. In the original, the kids were nearly devoured by a t-rex, but a piece of glass saved their asses. In Lost World, Malcolm’s daughter does some gymnastics shit and kicks a raptor through a window. Not the most believable scenarios, but at least they somewhat saved themselves.

I understand the director thinking, oh, no one is going to believe a dinosaur can’t push through a piece of glass, so let’s just have a dinosaur save them. The one scene where they get it right is when Claire and hacker dude escape via the ladder from the command center. Nothing wrong with some good ol’ running and close calls.


I’m extremely hyped that The Incredibles 2 is finally here next week. I’m also extremely angry that it wasn’t released on the 14th. Fuck whoever decided that.


This going to be my eldest daughter’s first 3D movie and I’m ready to see her get her mind blown. Also hate the wait. Disney movies have been delayed in Taiwan for a while now and it’s just not right.


Shame on you.


I think the third Jurassic World movie will be very interesting but will probably be very much like the Rise of the Planet of the Apes movies. Minor worry, really, but will probably still be a decent time.

I just remembered one moment that cracked me up. One of the biggest laughs in a movie lately. The character Franklin disappears at some point of the movie when one of the workers asks him to come help. About 20 minutes later he pops up randomly suited up in the lab helping them with the work. I found that very, very funny.


I was pretty sure he’d reappear, just not the way he did. I now realize how ridiculous that is hahaha.

My biggest laugh from the movie came when Claire stepped out of the van (when they initially arrived on the island) and the camera went straight to the shoes (more like boots) she was wearing. Definitely a direct reference to the first movie where she was set on wearing those heels that outran a t-rex.

Guy sitting next to me probably thought I was stupid for laughing at that part.


Incredibles 2
It was good
But a lot of moving parts
The first one was more simple and likeable
This one tries too hard


Loved it.

There’s maybe some recency bias, but probably better than the first. Though 2 had the luxury of not needing to do set up/world building work.


All these better than the first talks are giving me unrealistically high expectations. I thought the first one was bar none the best film Disney and Pixar have ever made. Only Studio Ghibli has them beat.


Don’t do yourself a disservice. We both know you’re smart enough to know that ratings and reviews can vary wildly on personal taste. Art is subjective. If you loved the original and want to enjoy the second one more, temper your expectations and try to go in with a level head (heart).

Nah, the best Disney/Pixar is Wall-E. (< Case in point)


To me the top 3 are:

  1. The Incredibles
  2. Finding Nemo
  3. Toy Story 3

I need to rewatch Wall-E and Toy Story 1 and 2 though. It’s been so long.


Finding Nemo is my fav followed by Ratatouille .

Incredibles doesn’t even rank the same with those two. That said one is better than 2

The cartoon with the bear is where 2 can actually be said to be better than 1.

All my viewpoint though


Wall-E is amazing, beautiful. I don’t think it’s insanely re-watchable like The Incredibles.

And if I’m being honest, the beginning of Up destroys me to this day. It’s only a brief part of the movie but it’s one of the most perfect things ever put to film… or disc. Whatever the case may be.