What Movies Are You Watching —2018—


I watch WallE again and again. It is quite beautiful and deep in meaning.

But I can’t watch the 5 minutes from Up. If someone deserves to be beaten with a saucepan, it is whoever wrote that. Oh and a folding chair.

I think I may invite my pals’ kids to watch The Incredibles 3D. Haven’t been to a 3D movie in a while.


Wall-E is a bit of a weird one. The first 20-30 minutes are absolutely amazing. But after Eve gets the plant (sorry, spoiler!), it becomes a perfectly good but much more mundane animated film.

I watched Ratatouille on a big HD screen for the first time a couple of weeks ago - I’ve seen it many times, but only once in the theater, and after that on DVD and much smaller screens. Damn. The detail in some of those scenes!


I had a rewatch today (the last time was when it came out so it’s been forever) and it was stunning. Definitely top tier Pixar/Disney.


I agree. Every though I’ve seen many many many films, Wall-E is my favorite and has deep meaning for me.


Caught Game Night on a flight yesterday. Jason Bateman, Rachel McAdams, Kyle Chandler, Michael C. Hall, Danny Huston, Ireland’s Sharon Horgan, and everybody’s favorite Jesse Plemons (I love that guy, and once again he’s memorable).

Billy Magnusson plays a character that’s not unlike his wide-eyed Nathan Hill in Epix’s Get Shorty, although that’s not a slight. Nathan Hill gave Magnusson a chance to lose himself completely in two characters (one is Magnusson playing Hill playing an 18th-century English rake - and hitting it out of the park). Magnusson was also the guy who played Kato Kaelin in American Crime Story’s The People vs OJ Simpson. He was also Valdack in the “USS Callister” episode of Black Mirror. Good luck spotting the actor in any of these roles. Guy’s really good.

Game Night is a B+ darkish comedy with some very funny set pieces. Great cast, a handful of laugh-out-loud scenes. Hard to believe that young Americans in 2018 would actually hold a game night that seems more suited to the 1980’s, but hey it could happen. You could pick worse movies to see.


Kids movies like this makes me all sad and emotional lol. Fighting back those tears for toy story 3. I grew up with toy story as a kid and the 3rd one came out when i moved out for college.


Makes perfect sense really. Obviously if T.Rex had stayed fashionable he would not have gone extinct.

He should have gone for a make over and maybe some Ralph Lauren suits then he could’ve attracted a mate right ?

P.s. some anger management sessions could have been helpful as well.


I saw this the other day. It was hilarious. The cast was collectively very strong and the script was pretty brilliant and airtight. Even the cinematography was great.


Has anybody seen a movie called Predestination? It’s a few years old now, but I caught it on the weekend and really, really enjoyed it. It was well made with a mind-trip of a story.

My only complaint about it is that I’m sure the movie reveals its final twist twice. I don’t think I’m that sharp to have worked it out as early as I did. I feel like they laid out the whole story with about 20 minutes to go, but in the closing moments they show you a bit more. I was left just thinking “…uh, right? Don’t we know that already?”

Given how cool the overall story is, that’s not really a big deal.


Has anyone else watched Hereditary? It took quite a while to pick up the pace but I really enjoyed it. I wouldn’t really call it a horror movie in the traditional sense – it’s more along that vein of human drama-based horror like Rosemary’s Baby or Possession or The Babadook, which uses a scary psycho-horror element to explore something else, like grief, mental illness, divorce, things like that. Not the popcorn-eating slasher with incidental titties and cheap jump scares kind of horror movie.

I also just like possession-type horror movies anyway but aside from that, Toni Colette is always worth watching. She easily carried the entire movie on her back. Really talented actress.


jurasic world. NON stop action. Good stuff. go see it at the movies
worth the price of admission !!


Saw Incredibles 2 today. Liked it but didn’t love it. It looks (and sounds), um, insert synonym for “incredible” here. Damn Brad Bird can direct action - it almost makes we want to finally see a Mission Impossible film. But the story and in particular the villains didn’t work quite as well (and Syndrome may have been the weakest part of the first one). Too many Jack Jack gags - comedy that felt a bit too easy. Ditto the “Oh my goodness, the father has to take care of the kids?!” jokes: not exactly bad, just … old. Something that had already been done to death even before Homer Simpson started doing it 30 years ago.


^ I just saw it too and thought it was really good. The family dynamic was as good as ever and the jokes were genuinely funny, unlike a certain try-hard popular franchise :sick:. The action scenes were remarkable, especially the Elastigirl vs. Screenslaver sequence. That part was stunning.

The funniest parts were Jack-Jack’s Edna impersonation and Violet sneezing water. Glorious :rofl::rofl::rofl:

The villain was pretty weak though. Syndrome’s superhero genocide was far more potent. This one felt quite anti-climatic.


That genocide was still potent in the new film - when they had the flashback with a couple of the older heroes, I had a sudden flash of sorrow and thought “Aww, Syndrome murdered these guys, didn’t he?”

(Mild spoilers follow, but I’m not going to bother blurring them out. If people object I’ll edit it later.)

Agreed that the family dynamic was great, but the film didn’t seem quite as unified to me. In the first film, although we had Mr. Incredible separated, the whole family was part of a single story. In this one, Elastigirl’s adventures - which I did really like! - were a bit too detached from the rest of the family. And I can’t recall any scenes from Part 2 that were as brilliantly inventive as when Elastigirl was stretching herself down hallways and through doors in Syndrome’s lair. Oh, OK, some of the scenes with the portal hero were fantastic - like when she got Elastigirl up to the plane, and Elastigirl “lands” on the plane from underneath, and she’s panting in near-terror from the bizarre inverted freefall she’s just gone through. I’m going to have to pause those scenes at home in the future to figure out what’s going on with directions.

And the Jack-Jack gags … they were great gags, but it felt like scrolling through a set of “best cat gifs”. A little part of my brain was nagging at me and saying “Come on, they’re just pandering to us!” I think seeing it in the cinema with a crowd worked against it for me. People were laughing, a lot, which of course is good, but my reaction was “Really?! The joke was good, but not that funny.”


To paraphrase Oscar Wilde (AFAIK, may be apocryphal):

“Did you enjoy the action?” “Yes, I had to. There was nothing else to enjoy”.

So, save your $$ and just watch the trailers from this movie and previous ones on youtube in any sequence. You wont miss ANY good dialogue, character info or plot points, as there werent any.

Lots of GOOD ACTION though, if CGI dinosaurs are still a thing for you to egt excited about 25 years after the original.


In the immortal words of Moses …or maybe it was someone else,… to each his own

Me I don’t mind watching movies on discount tuesdays !!!

Instead of paying 14 for a regular showing at our new deluxe cineplex it’s six bucks all day Tuesdays

Movie is not worth 14 bucks but it is worth six in my view

Plus it was good at that place with food and drink service at not unreasonable fees

And It’s always better watching a movie on the big screen


I feel like one of the reasons they couldn’t do that is that they’ve already done the “hiding secret mission from family” plotline, everything’s out in the open. The whole family knows that Elastigirl is out doing superhero stuff, she doesn’t have to make excuses to escape the family side of her life.

I actually thought it was amazing how they gave Jack-Jack a lot of personality instead of using him as a prop. It’s pretty rare for a baby character in any medium.


Some are saying she may even have a strong shot at an Oscar nom.


She should’ve won Best Supporting Actress for her role in The Sixth Sense.


A Quiet Place.

Good creepy horror. Nothing says anticipatory anxiety like bare feet and an exposed nail.

Sad that it’s set up for 13 sequels and half a dozen prequels. :roll: