What Movies Are You Watching —2018—


Thinking back at Jurassic 2 again and tbh might prefer it over 1. JW was just a tiny bit overly mechanical and try hard.

Has anyone watched Sorry To Bother You? Feels like a weird, low budget, noisier, less scary, sans-dino little brother to JW2.


I just watched Up again, maybe for only the second time - wow, that’s a good film. The opening was, yes, emotionally devastating. I remembered that. But I’d forgotten how well it sets up an emotional core that works through the whole movie.

I do wonder what the heck happened to the kid’s mother in the closing credits. Did the old guy and the dog just steal him from mom?!


well, Stewie from family Guy, Ike from South Park, Boss Baby…


I got around to watching Incredibles 2 on the weekend. It was my eldest daughter’s first 3D movie experience and she was pretty into it. A few parts of it spooked her out and she closed her eyes, but she enjoyed the ride. The 3D session was actually hard to find (had to go to Warner Village, and there weren’t many sessions).

I think it started slow (after the action-packed opening scene) but I really loved it by the end.

And, yeah, the Jack-Jack parts were hilarious.


Oh! Nobody has said anything about the 包子 short!

Woah, what was that? I watched the whole thing thinking ‘wtf,’ but the end was very moving. But the resemblance between the son and the baozi made me laugh.


It made me realize I’m a bad Canadian. At the beginning I thought it was Seattle’s Space Needle in the background. At the end I realized it was Toronto’s CN Tower. Oops.



This didn’t play near enough when it came out, but should be seen on the big screen. Fantastic scenery and cinematography, and a solid story with actual character development.

Given the touchy feely nature though, they might better have released it today 7/4.


Probably because it wasn’t particularly memorable.




You’re right.


Caught Ant-Man and The Wasp yesterday. It was pretty good, probably on par with the original movie. Made me laugh out loud a few times. Paul Rudd is charming as eff, like always. The story ties in well with Civil War and even Infinity War in some ways.

I’d probably rate this above Black Panther but doesn’t quite reach the heights of Thor Ragnarok. Though that’s all based on the comedy, the stories and action are all pretty cool.


Tell me thats a joke.

But yep watched Antman 2 last week, was thoroughly enjoyable but definitely lacked proper villain.


Based on the comedy and how enjoyable it was overall? Not a joke.

Black Panther really only had Shuri and a couple of other lighthearted moments but it wasn’t laugh-out-loud funny. The performances were great but the whole thing just culminated in some generic battle scene where the army just follows Killmonger’s orders because… reasons. He’s the King? Except he isn’t because the fight wasn’t technically over when T’Challa appeared alive. Also, if the powers of the black panther are given to the King, then why was T’Challa Black Panther before the King was even dead? The whole thing just leaves me with more questions than I’m comfortable with. That’s not to say that I won’t throw it on when I’m in the mood. Also, to be clear: Killmonger was an awesome villain. Dude was evil but sympathetic.

Thor Ragnarok had Taika Waititi’s sensibilities throughout and I find him hilarious. Worked very well, especially when compared to the first two Thor movies. Plus it messed with the Thor formula a lot which is refreshing. It also ended on an ominous note with Thanos’ ship appearing (not unlike Ant-Man and The Wasp, really). I can watch that scene with Bruce Banner face planting it on the platform over and over again.

Ant-Man and The Wasp didn’t really have a proper villain, that’s true. Ghost wasn’t in the movie as much as I thought although the story arc of the character was well done. The gangster villains were nothing but an annoyance. I wished more had happened to them but the “Truth Serum” pay off was funny.


Whilst I also enjoyed Ragnarok, I thought it employed cheap/forced humour and didn’t fit in with the overall movie very well. Antman 2 was much more organic, just due to Paul Rudd’s natural charisma as you mentioned as well as the movie being more lighthearted overall.

Secret ending 1 in Antman 2 was the best secret ending ever! I wasn’t even thinking about it too much and totally blew me away and I left the cinema like :astonished:


Ah, that’s a fair point about Ragnarok. Ant-Man’s comedy is probably more natural. Paul Rudd being Paul Rudd for the most part.

I was expecting some sort of tie-in but for some reason my mind didn’t go there.


Adding spoiler tags (even though I don’t think it is… but well just in case).

The tone of Antman movies are so different to the rest of the Avengers + associated movies, I never really organically link it together even though my mind knows it’s all in the same MCU and I only watched Infinity War a few wks ago.


Ant man was better than I expected


Yep AATW was good.


Smh @ all the superhero movie talks. :sick:

Last few movies I saw:


How about