What Movies Are You Watching —2018—


I have watched TAG and it is great movie




Wait was that first one Hitler talking about the VW diesel cheating scandal?


Zinnemann’s 1973 Day of the Jackal is still one of the best slow burn thrillers ever. Zinnemann was special.


Yeah I love From Here to Eternity to bits as well.


Just looking on letterboxd at what I’ve watched recently.

Freaky Friday (original Jody Foster movie) - hadn’t seen it since I was a kid. It’s pretty bad for the most part.
Fifty Shades Freed - hate these movies. I only put it on for the wife. Is Christian a jealous punce in the books too? He really is a whiny little manchild. Their relationship is abusive and weird, not your typical BDSM relationship.
Red Sparrow - Worth it for Jennifer Lawrence naked but the movie is pretty dull.
Baby Driver - A fun movie, but not as great as I’d hoped. Some fun things.
Murder on the Orient Express - I’d started my wife on Agatha Christie BBC movies recently and she really likes them. Ordeal By Innocence, And Then There Were None and Witness for the Prosecution. So I showed her the new Murder on the Orient Express movie. Personally, I think Kenneth Branagh is way too in love with himself but it is well directed.
Lawrence of Arabia - amazing movie, of course. Not much to say beyond that, except you really need to carve out a big chunk of time to watch it. And that it’s absolutely beautiful.


For some reason, the names of the movies aren’t displaying.


Weird. Maybe because I put them in bold and italics, but I can’t see why that would affect it.

Freaky Friday, Fifty Shades Freed, Red Sparrow, Baby Driver, Murder on the Orient Express, Lawrence of Arabia.


Isle of Dogs…just a great movie for kids and adults. Stunning animation.


I watched the first twenty minutes or so, but was put off by how hard the director was trying. I never went back to finish it.


The monsters go on a cruise movie was pretty entertaining


I love that series. The first and second movies were hillarious. Really looking forward to the 3rd.


I wonder what will happen to the next Guardians movie without James Gunn, the first two were pretty good.


Is this from a Movie? Scared me to death.


I think so. Based on Google’s reverse image search, my guess is that the video is from a 2011 movie called Paranormal Activity 3.


I saw that Hotel Transylvania 3 movie with the kids on Saturday. They really enjoyed it. My eldest said it was her favorite Hotel Transylvania movie of all the Hotel Transylvania movies. I think the second one was better but this had some funny stuff in it too.


Watched Meet Joe Black. The people and Hopkins’ acting were beautiful. The story, not so much. It could’ve been shorter.


I’ve just watched the trailer for the new Godzilla. Why does every action movie script need to be something like:“things happen…AND IT’S THE END OF THE WORLD”.
The original Godzilla concept is fairly simple and very entertaining, why can’t we have a movie where giant fat monsters just go at each other for supremacy? Why does it need to have a “there’s a humanity-ending virus so we need to find some phat monsters!”, I mean wtf…
The major complaint about the 2014 Godzilla was the limited amount of time that monsters fights received, compared to be appalling side story of “random action hero #487564”.

The trailer gave me the feeling that the new movie will be the same shitshow of pointless human-based side stories, with many monsters doing token appearances and then one or two battles just to avoid cinemas being set on fire.



Best Godzilla evah: Shin Godzilla. Yes, I know it looked more like a dead chicken but hear me out: for all the special effects in US vesions, storywise, man, unbeatable. Ah, Yutaka…