What Movies Are You Watching —2018—


I laughed my ass off when that thing was first revealed, but it got better. The movie was batshit crazy. Just ridiculous. But enjoyable. I guess it’s the Japanese version of ‘camp’? Anyway, I’m partial to the original.

The Aquaman trailer doesn’t do much for me. Movie should be okay in a DC Universe kind of way.

I did get a kick out of Shazam.

I like Zachary Levi so if some of his sensibilities come through I think we’re in for a good time.

I watched “Before Sunrise” from Richard Linklater last night. It’s fine. People sold it to me as amazing but it’s just fine. Richard Linklater material, for sure. The thing that is interesting is there are 2 follow up movies filmed 9ish years apart. So I’ll finish it but I don’t expect much.

It’s like Boyhood in that he’s got a lot of good ideas but whether they come together in an enjoyable movie is another question all together.


Sunset and Midnight are better than Sunrise.

The trilogy shouldn’t be compared to the phony-ass Boyhood tbh.


I’ll finish watching the movies, but Sunrise just felt like something a 14 year old would find deep. If it were funny, perhaps I could forgive it, but it isn’t. There are a few bright spots though, just not enough to carry the movie.

He was still pretty young so I’m not ready to give up on the series. We’ll see how the next one goes.

Boyhood is an interesting concept that translated into a pretty lame movie.


Before Sunset is the one that set the series in cement and is by far the best one. They stroll through Paris for a day.

One of the highest rated movies on IMDb.


Is generally how I feel about the taste of IMDb’s user base .


Just watched Equalizer2

Well worth watching


Also very high rotten tomatoes.


Neither is perfect but okay guides overall. You should always check a few sources. With IMDB’s top 250, you can quibble with the order for sure. But I just took a quick look at the top 50; I’ve seen all 50 and they’re all bloody good movies (to varying degrees). A lot of the higher ranked movies shouldn’t be nearly that high but I can’t fault them for being in the conversation.

The problem is, now you’re getting my hopes up that Before Sunset’s going to be just that good.


I know. I like this trilogy. I’m referring to the popular movies up there in general.


To be honest, you have to be in the mood for the movie or this type of movie. It isn’t really a romance but It draws you in with the conversation about life experiences.


The ratings on IMDb are heavily skewed to a certain demographic that I don’t necessarily (or should I say almost never) agree with so eh, not really.


That’s very true, I’d say there are some demographics seriously unrepresented in the rankings. There’s a good mix of stuff though. Shawshank Redemption has always struck me as being a weird choice for #1, but whatever. I do like it okay.

In the imdb top 50, the movies that I think 100% belong there: Godfather; 12 Angry Men; The Good, The Bad and the Ugly; One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest; Seven Samurai; Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope; Spirited Away; City Lights; Casablanca… a few others perhaps, but I’m not so convinced on them. The rest are great movies, but not sure why some of them rank nearly that high. Definitely belong in the top… something.



I hated II. Only like III because of Philip Seymour Hoffman

All six ‘Mission: Impossible’ movies, definitively ranked (including ‘Fallout’)




Not far from the truth.


I probably agree with II and III but I don’t like the first all that much either. I think the Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation are more fun. Haven’t seen the new one yet.


Rewatched the Hunt for Red October on Netflix for no real reason, just stumbled across it. My god Baldwin’s acting was bad, never remembered that part of an otherwise great movie.


I went to see the new Mission: Impossible yesterday. Mission: Impossible - Fallout. It was good. I mean as good as these movies can be. I saw the twists coming but they were really good twists still. The end was intense, which is hard to pull off when you know the good guys are ultimately going to win. I think it’s basically on par with Ghost Protocol and Rogue Nation.

Also, Henry Cavill’s mustache wasn’t CGIed out of this movie, which is good.


Got to see Ready Player One. Honestly, I think it was trying too hard, too many deux ex machina moments, too contrived. But pretty nevertheless.

There is a channel on cable called AMC that plays mostly 80s movies. They showed recently A Passage to India. I love period films, big fan at that time of the Merchant Ivory films.


Omg yes. :star_struck:

If you haven’t James Ivory’s big 4 you should definitely check them out (A Room with a View, Maurice, Howards End, The Remains of the Day).