What Movies Are You Watching —2018—


Is that AMC channel in Taiwan? I rarely turn cable on at all, but last time I did I noticed some new channels with different English programming. Don’t remember an AMC one but I wasn’t looking either.

You’re pretty much spot on about Ready Player One. Not to say I don’t love it - it really hooked me - but some of the “'member this?” dialogue in particular can get annoying.


A room with a view was nice only because of a cute actress
The remains of the day is excellent
Hopkins at his best


No. It was nice because it was beautifully filmed, acted, and directed.

Now this I approve. It’s my second favourite of the four after Maurice.


No it was acceptable only because the girl was kinda
Cute haha

Even so I’d not see it again but the Remains of the Day I can see often




That word’s too classy for Tommy. :sunglasses:


How about Wings of a dove?


Hey !


Don’t know that one


Check it out and let me know what you think.


OK…Tommy’s too classy for that word?


U need to see ghost protocol before seeing this mission impossible
It’s the best one yet
Non stop action


I’ve always meant to see that one.


MEG I saw 2nights ago.
The first hour I was asleep although my wife kept kicking me…long day at work you see.

The second hour I could have continued sleeping.

It wasn’t bad though. Movie was well made.

I noticed Chinese money involved in the film brings Chinese stars and filming in China.

Adds a twist to Hollywood movies…


If Jason takes his shirt off, I´ll be there to see it in IMAX.


Think he does , go for it
The Chinese girl is kinda cute

Li bing bing
Can’t believe she’s 45
Think she’s part Uighur that’s why she looks Eurasian


I think that is the one that is currently jailed “for not paying taxes on exhorbitant salaries”. I mean, we suppose she has been jailed jailed because she was grabbed and dissappeared along with her manager and assistants, and only one of her assistants was recently released. Oh, and the Chinese authorities said they have a list of other artists they will chase because their salaries are too high.

Xi is on the rampage. Does not forebear wel for Chiense artsist/movies abroad.


Just saw MILE 22
A LOT of violence, keeps you on the seat of your pants this one…unexpected ending…that’s all I’m gonna say


Her acting is horrific.


Chinese acting is …different.

See X Men Days past as sample.