What Movies Are You Watching —2018—


I agree and her English is not up to speed either
Needs more training for her lines

She is just cute that’s all


Angela baby is much better me thinks.


I saw a clip of it. Looks smarter than your average action movie.


JYeah it’s got a lot going for it but a lot of the violence is just so the special effects guys can show off

Can’t say too much more other the plot is ultimately not believable, the basic premise of the plot extremely weak

Only a handful of people watching it last night
Shows the movie is not a great success

Oh and it is extremly
Needlessly so


Watched Ready Player One today, pretty entertaining and somce nice nods to that nerd life. I wonder how hard it was to get all the usage rights for the characters, even if they only appear for a few seconds.

Also finally watched Sicaro, kind of disappoint as it was pretty well reviewed, but nothing ever really develops in the plot. Still fairly enjoyable though!



Tampopo is the one cult food film to rule them all. This 1985 comedy, about a widower and the noodle-obsessives who help her remake her restaurant, has been the subject of countless screenings and theme nights at restaurants all over the world. A 30th anniversary theatrical re-release was praised by film critics and food bloggers alike. And the film has served as the thematic inspiration for a few notable restaurants, including Goro and Gun in Houston, and the Hokokiddo Ramen Santouka chain.


I watched RPO on the plane to Taipei! I really enjoyed it as well. Amazing special effects but still with Spielberg heart.


Watched Annihilation on Netflix and really enjoyed it! It has a powerful female cast that doesn’t sit there saying how female it is; it just IS. Add to that gorgeous visuals (and practical, non-CGI effects ) and a thought-provoking storyline, and you’ve got yourself a solid movie! Between this and Ex Machina, director Alex Garland is definitely becoming one of my favorites.


Read Crystal World by JG Ballard.
That movie was heavily influenced by it.
Even many of the names in the movie are from it.


Think this one might get me to visit the movie theater again with the missus after a long dry spell.
Looks pretty funny.

Jon M. Chu’s acclaimed movie — the first studio film in over 25 years since 1993’s “Joy Luck Club” to feature a nearly all Asian-American cast — carries a modest $30 million budget. Enthusiasm has been strong for “Crazy Rich Asians,” which arrives as Hollywood is being pressured to feature greater diversity on screen. It holds a strong 93% certified fresh rating on review aggregation site Rotten Tomatoes, along with an A CinemaScore.


I think there’s a trilogy that Annihilation was directly based on, as well!


Harry Shum…


The wife doesn’t want to bother seeing that one but it may be kinda entertaining even though it’s a rom com

But it sort of reeks of a Bollywood movie where the masses are treated to a dream of impossible riches.

If they wanted to be more of a new wife’s tension with the mans family they should just let the man be from a middle class family to be more realistic


Movie tuesdays for six bucks means we try to see a movie on Tuesdays

Saw Alpha last night
A nice man and his dog movie , fairly simple.

No love story , no girl lead , how about that ?

Planning to see the Winnie the Pooh movie next


well, at least that proves you are not in ChiCommland :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Christopher Robin. Saw preview for this. Wasn’t interested, but looks entertaining if in the mood for that type of movie. Ewan McGregor usually brings it.


The buzz of our town is currently 8th Grade. Who here has seen it?


I’m not dying to relive my 8th grade.


Huashan SPOT theater has the Queer Film Festival this week.


I thought the word queer is frown on by gay people.