What Movies Are You Watching —2018—


I think it’s a badge of honor if use it themselves.


I don’t think so.


Even though the film does a good job to get you to sympathize: Unless you were in 8th grade in the last 10-15 years, much of it isn’t going to apply to you.


I’m trying to catch this one


Something i would have liked to see when i was in 8th grade.


Yeah don’t want to see this stuff now.


Saw this last night. I really liked Ex Machina, but I’m a little on the fence over this one.

Beautiful photography, special effects are good enough, the cast is great, and the message is as dark as they come: Humans who are broken should have no qualms about living in a world where the reproductive siloing made possible by the biological concept of “species” means nothing. This movie makes Children of Men seem like a child’s lullaby by comparison.

The only thing I object to is the outright theft from John Carpenter’s The Thing (1982). Even a scene very similar to the petri dish scene. Very similar movies, but Annihilation is 36 years younger and, like the new Ghostbusters and Oceans 8, has an all-female cast.

Garland has a real gift for dark science fiction, but he’s painting himself into a corner with these last 2.

I rated it 4/5. Would have been 5/5 if not for the uncredited parallel. (Not relevant to the movie, but I’ll be happy when #metoo is in the West’s rear view mirror.)


And someone had to find the political angle:

Now I cannot enjoy my shirtless Asians in peace.


Did a bit of catching up lately by watching Spiderman Homecoming and Wonderwoman. As expected from a younger cast/setting, Spidey was enjoyable and fun without some of the darker undertones, a solid 7/10. Bird dude was a pretty weak villain, but I guess it was a kid that was taking him on.

Wonderwoman… not bad but I dunno why it was reviewed so well, I thought Galdot’s acting was extremely average and the plot itself to be fairly standard. 6/10, probably only disappointed due to it being seemingly quite critically acclaimed.


Oh and Blade Runner 2049 as well. Captured the feel and atmosphere of the original perfectly, plot was decent, half decent surprises, acting was good. Best thing about the movie? Introducing me to Ana de Armas :heart_eyes:.


I am back to watching old Japanese movies.

Just finished watching “After the Rain”. It’s actually not an old movie, from 1999, but the genre is old and the style is too (samurais, Kurosawa script, directed by Kurosawa’s assistant director).

I enjoyed watching it. It’s on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IeWc32b8wDA


Saw Christopher Robin

Wife liked it, I fell asleep.
Thought the period work was good but melancholy film really. Not a wonder the theatre was empty.

I’d rate it a ‘See —- if there’s a chance you could fall asleep’ Because the sleep was better.


Has anybody seen that French mist related apocalyptic film? Looks interesting.


The other “Asian” movie out this summer.
It was good. Couple of uh-oh twists. I heard an interview on NPR and the director said it’s a family thriller, not an “Asian” film per se. After watching umpteen trailers for shootemup crap or cars into robots, it sat nicely with us.


The nun anyone?


This was a really good movie and is my photo here.


I went to see The Predator. It was about as good as a movie called The Predator could be, I guess.


Looking forward to this.


I told myself I’ll watch 31 horror movies this month. You know, because of Halloween. Today it’s October 3rd and so far I’ve watched the first half of Halloween (1978). Not off to a good start…


Went to watch Venom last night. Dumb movie, large gaping holes in the story, Tom Hardy was very hit and miss throughout the movie.

BUTTTTTTT still enjoyed it.