What Movies Are You Watching —2018—


If we’re including sci-fi horror, I really like the 70s remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers.


I think it is still on at Ambassador Theatre in Chang Chuan road (Taipei).


The Innocents (1961) is very good.


Stuck with Universal and watched The Mummy (1932). The remastered versions of these old Universal horror movies are gorgeous in HD. Imhotep looks creepy as hell. Boris Karloff was probably the hardest working actor in Hollywood in the early 30s, his makeup must have been a pain in the ass.

Followed by The Thing From Another World and its theremin soundtrack. An arctic backdrop makes for great horror.

Think I might go with some older Hammer Films movies tonight. Beautiful in HD and I get a kick out of watching Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee overact.

Anybody else got more recommendations?


I watched the 1931 Dracula last night. It’s always as good as the first time I saw it. Bela Lugosi is just amazing, and it’s perfectly directed. I love how clear a lot of these movies look. In Dracula’s case, the movie’s over 80 years old and the HD transfer is just spectacular.

This scene is still so creepy:

“I never drink…wine.” That pause is just perfect. Not a fraction of a second too long or too short.

If you haven’t watched it, try the Spanish version that’s on the blu-ray. It’s about 30 minutes longer and worth every second.

The Fly? Original or Remake, they’re both entertaining in different ways. I prefer the original because I was never really into that body horror stuff that Cronenberg does. Videodrome is good too, though.


Nang Nak is at the top of this and many lists for a reason: it is quite scary. It was the breakthrough in Thai horror movies, and we know they can make pretty scary stuff.



Thai movies are always somehow more viscerally frightening than any other country’s take on scary that I’ve seen.


yeah, it’s beautiful in HD.

I used to think the editing was a bit fucked, too many jump cuts cheapened the movie, made it almost corny. Now I realize those cuts actually propel the story forward like scenes in a bad dream. They were made purposefully and very, very skillfully. Really is a great old movie.