What Movies Are You Watching —2018—



Don’t want to spoil it for you. Though you could potentially find the old awe and wonderment feelings from the Paris scenes. That’s all I’m gonna say.

Still not particularly groundbreaking, but they do kick up the gears for sure.


Expectations aren’t that high, so I think we’re good. To be honest, a few of the original movies aren’t great. I think the Prisoner of Azkaban is amazing, though. That Alfonso Cuaron knows how to make a movie.


Saw the nutcracker. Fun movie, kids would definitely enjoy it. Was a nice surprise to see Misty Copeland, American Prima Ballerina, dance in the movie.


I really want to see this too. I might go to the theatre and watch it this time.




Excited to see Ralph: Breaks the Internet. There so many good films to watch out for before 2018 ends.


I thought the first one was incredibly overrated but this new one’s trailer looks pretty good.


So we have:

For November:
Bohemian Rhapsody
Ralph breaks the Internet
The Crimes of Grimweald or whatever

Missing anything?

For December
Mortal Engines
The Quake - from the people who did The Wave

Maybe Alita.

I have been rewatching many of the MCU´s movies -on rotation in cable- and now I can see the trail of crumbs they left, all the posts they planted to set up the story. I am terrified for the grand finale, as it is a monumental task after all these years/movies/big setup. But like the last season of GOT, I have invested way too much time and can´t wait for dessert.


Grinch Who Stole Christmas is out this week. I plan to take my kids. They dig the Illumination movies.

Creed II is coming soon too. I won’t make a special trip to go and see it, personally.


I wanted to watch Halloween when it came out but the cinema I frequent didn’t show it. Bummer.

Yesterday, I watched House of Frankenstein while the family was at church. I have the 30 movie Universal Monster blu-ray boxset and I’ve just realized I need to watch them in chronological order. House of Frankenstein is a continuation of Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man. I guess this was the Marvel Cinematic Universe before there was a Marvel Cinematic Universe.


But, but, isn´t that like the third remake of th esame Grinch story?


That sounds right, but it’s Illumination (Despicable Me, Minions, Sing, Secret Life of Pets) and the Director is Scott Mosier who was producer on most of Kevin Smith’s movies. So I’m interested.

If it was just some random knock-off studio, I’d probably skip it.


Oh, I see.


Bohemian rhapsody was pretty good


Did anyone see Lost Black Cats 疾風魅影:黑貓中隊?



I have never been so uncomfortable watching a movie. My palms were sweating like crazy. If I ever meet this guy I will hug him and beg him to never ever do something like that again, young man.


Caught Netflix’s Outlaw King over the weekend. David Mackenzie is the director; he also directed Starred Up and Hell or High Water. Stars Tony Curran, James Cosmo, Stephen Dillane, Florence Pugh, and Chris Pine as Robert the Bruce.

Starts with the siege of Stirling Castle and the surrender to Edward I by Scottish nobility (early on there’s a scene where a quarter of the carcass of William Wallace is hung for public display) and ends with the battle of Loudoun Hill. The timeline puts it in the Braveheart universe with the events of the movie taking place immediately after the capture of William Wallace.

Beautiful to look at, the contrast between the life of the nobility and the muddy, grimy life of everybody else is terrific. Lots of CGI gore and lots of combat violence. There is a lukewarm romance between Robert and his wife.

Overall I found the movie to be meh. Braveheart running time is 178 minutes. Outlaw King is 122 minutes. Gibson used the extra 56 minutes to develop the character of William Wallace and make the viewer care passionately about him. Of course he also took liberty with historical fact and was ridiculed by entertainment elites for it. Mackenzie chose to do something else, and his movie is far more restrained. That said, at the film’s end I had nearly zero investment in Chris Pine’s Robert the Bruce. The end of the climactic battle is a little fucked, too. Why would the Scots allow the Prince of Wales to wander off when Robert’s wife is held captive by the English? Of course they should have traded the Prince for Elizabeth. Very silly, I thought.

Outlaw King is beautiful, but Braveheart is a classic.


I was looking at watching it this weekend.

I saw the girl in the spider web yesterday, not amazing but not bad.


Late but watched A Star is Born over the weekend. Good movie overall, but I do think Lady Gaga is average at acting, and Bradley Cooper is average at singing. Their romantic chemistry was a bit off as well.


My girl wants to drag me to it? Should I refuse or is it ok?