What Movies Are You Watching —2018—



For a forced date movie it’s not too bad. It does have a decent plot and the production value is great.




Watched the crimes of the, I forgot

Too complex plot too busy of a movie
I give it a ho hum


I watch fantastic beasts. Really good, im enjoy these more than the Harry Potter movies. The visuals, costumes and actors are all much better.



The best live action musical I’ve seen in years. (Yes, including the Gaga one this year)

I was so relieved that they didn’t ruin it. Julie Andrews will still forever be Mary, but Emily Blunt did such a splendid job. I really believed she was Mary Poppins. Meryl does a quick but fun cameo as Topsy. As was in the trailer, Dick Van Dyke (now age appropriate for his banker role) and Angela Lansbury make welcomed appearances.

There are sequences where again, humans interacted with animation. And it was gorgeous. Because hand-drawn animation is somewhat of a lost art, the filmmakers had to bring a lot of the old artists out of retirement to work on the movie. Post production took much longer than it otherwise would, because they were hand-drawn. It was worth it, and such a treat.

Do yourselves a favor, and thank me later.


Really? It was pretty to look at, but tbh I frequently found myself glancing at my watch. Found every aspect way too predictable, and a bit of a chore to sit through.

Ugh, I hate it when movies bore me. I legit wish it was better than it is.


Also: If Roma doesn’t win best foreign language Oscar, I’m gonna flip.

I can see why it was Alfonso Cuaron’s passion project. It’s not one of those that instantly pops, but definitely stays with you and burrows in your mind. If I ever meet the actress I want to give her a hug.


It was short, wasn’t exactly expecting too much from it besides a time killer with some entertainment value.


Fantastic Beasts and the Crimes of Grindelwald

It’s a shame as the first one is pretty good.


It’s fantastic. Twice as fantastic as the first.


There are worse movies but crimes belongs in the i would. Not see it again category


Seriously? This one was a total mess from start to finish. It was so poorly written. The Lestrange storyline was straight out of Daytime soap and was utterly superfluous. The ending was especially perplexing. Like wtf just happened??? in the worst possible way.

Btw, according to the novels, Dumbledore never taught Defense against Dark Arts. He taught Transfiguration.


You’ll have to find out next movie.

I think the movie has taken some liberties to change the timeline and story from the original books. But ehhh, it’s harry Potter. I don’t take it seriously enough to be a stickler for being exactly like the book.


That’s exactly the point. It felt like a two hour trailer, and not a very good one.


Have to agree with andrew here. It’s a step up from 1.


Story and writing aside. It looks good! The world looks so fun and interesting. Costumes, props, settings, and visual effects all create an amazing world.


Well just so you know everyone on internet is saying how bad this new one is. It’s got horrible reviews.


Lol noted.

“Everyone”’s support also gave Transformers like 9 (?) sequels and at least two of the most popular rides at different Universal studios theme parks. So.


Critics wise, they still have lala land at 91% on rottentomatoes, when it’s an 85 at best (which is still solid, but frankly overrated nonetheless).


Normally, sure. But Rowling herself wrote the screenplay so the inconsistency is problematic.

The number of sequels has nothing to do with the quality of the films as much as the quality of the population’s brain cells.

The Crimes of Grindelwald’s got like 43% on RT, so yeah it’s pretty awful.


Critics (including Ebert) also complained about The Shining initially. Before you go implying that I’m saying they’re the same: Step Brothers also has like 50% on RT. Truth is critics have frequently put their foot in their mouths and then had to walk back on those comments.

If you didn’t like this one, it’s weird you felt the first one was better. Tbh I’d agree with ratings more if they swapped ratings with each other.

But also, before you get any further you should know I haven’t seen the finished cut. When I saw it the cut still had some blue screen in it.

You brought them up :man_shrugging::woman_shrugging:.