What movies are you watching (2024)

Sure, but it says that at the top of the YouTube link above. I suspect that the dubbing into Hindi is a sign of the lowest-common-denominator international appeal of dumb action movies.

Every so often I’ll browse down and down through movies to buy on the Apple store. Hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of films I’ve never heard of, featuring people I’ve never heard of. The economics of the movie business does mystify me.

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I work with my brain, and life is difficult. Sometimes, when I watch a movie I want to shut off the thinking part of me and just watch explosions and good guys hurting bad guys.

But meditation is hard, so inevitably I turn to my computer or phone. Which is fine, with those kinds of movies, since missing 10 minutes of whatever is happening doesn’t mean I can’t follow the “plot”

Recently got back on Netflix, and I noticed yesterday that the movies that need the most attention (never seen and/or not stupid action) are the ones I’m saving for later, because I don’t have the time or mental energy right now to just sit and focus on a film for 2 hours…


That’s why l watched the movie, but it’s not really fulfilling in the end, like fast food, same thing.


The first couple of movies where he broke out, Snatch and Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, both directed by Guy Ritchie, were good. After that…

A long time ago I read a article with Spike Lee about talking to Wesley Snipes about turning down a small part in Do the Right Thing, and Snipes told him he wasn’t interested in ‘quality’ movies’; he was going to be the black Sylvester Stallone. I wonder if Stratham had decided on being the British Sly Stallone or Bruce Willis?


Well, maybe they are just better at the martial arts stuff. But then, why the heck would Jeremy Irons accepting that minor, shitty role in that movie? :man_shrugging:

Probably just what people that love that style of movie call “romantic” :laughing:

Actually, aside from being quite lucrative, Statham 's kind of movies fill a role: international box sales. Little dialogue, easy to understand -bad guys vs. good guys. Universal appeal.

Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Chuck Norris, Van Damme, Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, Jet Lee…huge hits in my birth county, both in the cinema and in the olden times of VHS/Betamax/DVD rentals. They have a place in my heart just for that.

Why do you think Statham ends up shirtless somewhere down his movies? Gotta get the other half of the audience, ya know? :howyoudoin:


Im sure a sexy beast like Statham has some crossover appeal, so, maybe more than half, 60%?


Can’t argue with basic facts and logic. Same reason tits & ass sell. Can’t fault them if they sell. After all, fast and the furious somehow wasn’t bankrupt after the second movie. Now there are morons driving cars in space for some reason hahaha

Didn’t see anything I really liked in the past weeks.

I was really annoyed for the most part as I thought the main character, Larry Flynt, was just a POS, then he did a complete 180 that kind of shot this film up to “good” territory with the final 20 mins or so and a really powerful ending.

Still, it’s laughable how they attempted to convince the viewers that Courtney Love in 1996 looked like a teenager when she obviously looked her age (like 35 or something), and was channeling tits so fake and so hard that you could use them to crack eggs.

I am shocked by how modern this film about toxic masculinity in the 1950s is. It’s almost like a horror movie with how cruel men can be in a seemingly idyllic, lush technicolored college town.

Caught it in the cinema. I thought it was merely fine, which disappointed me as I really love The Favourite. I thought the 357 elaborate sex scenes felt more like shock value than anything else, and Mark Ruffalo’s English accent was abominably bad. The production design, cinematography, score, costume design and Emma Stone were all good/great though.

I never saw this in its entirety until recently. This was another disappointment as I’ve loved the other Malick films that I’ve seen. I know Malick loves shooting one hundred billion hours of footage then cut it down to 2 hours, but this one is kind of a poorly edited hot mess. It was clear that some things happened only because some other things happened before, but he edited those other things out of the final product, so at many points I was like what the fuck am I watching??? Also, Brad Pitt was just horrible in this and he was a big part of the film. So yeah, I did not enjoy it.

I will admit that it looks absolutely fantastic and that the music is glorious, though.

People vs Larry flint has a pretty basic and direct message. Why are our natural bodies being viewed as more perverse than grotesque murder, torture and the like? The raw message is very real and pretty much an argument winner, even if he is was a peice of shit. One cannot deny the logic. I liked that movie for that single reason, and that reason only.

Naked Gun

with Liam Neeson


Can’t wait.

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I read that as Leslie Nielsen for a moment (the original Naked Gun star, of course) and was confused as he’s been dead for about 15 years or so.

Liam Neeson is an odd choice. He has proven he can do comedy though. His deadpan approach might work for this.

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I read it that way, too. Capital L capital N and, wait.

I wonder about that, too. Naked Gun franchise is one of my favorites (Ricardo Montalban, a Japanese fighting fish, a space pen still kill me). Some people say the best westerns are an artful arrangement of seven twelve-minute scenes, and I always thought the Naked Gun franchise fit that pattern (shorter scenes, more of them).

One of the reasons Neilson was so hilarious in those movies was that in almost every scene he broke the fourth wall. His deadpan always had a sly component that let the audience know that Leslie Nielson was in on it, too. I wonder if Neeson can pull that off as well.

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Based on the clip I posted, I think he can. My larger concern is whether they can truly make a Naked Gun film in this modern ultra-woke environment in which even the most innocuous joke can be perceived as offensive. I don’t want to see a watered down Naked Gun.

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I wonder, too. Didn’t happen because of woke, but the Pink Panther franchise went downhill with Steve Martin.

Of course I can’t watch the clip because I’m not (now) paying here in HBO land.

That’s one of my favourite scenes.

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I just hide my phone across the room and use my computer hooked up to TV. No distractions. It works for me. I do admittedly sometimes take a break along the way for a smoke break, where I’ll get my zoomer buzz on.

Wish the original was available to stream in Taiwan