What TV are you watching (2020)?


That’s the reply I was looking for. Thanks @lostinasia

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Half way through The Crown S4 and I can’t for the life of me understand why Diana would want to marry Charles. The guy was 13 years her senior, ugly, spineless, and clearly in love with someone else.

I don’t even feel sorry for her. I just find her stupid.

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Wasn’t it kind of an arranged appropriate suitable marriage not necessarily based on love?

I think Diana was in love with Charles and this is not based on the fictional tv show. She really was in love.

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One of the best shows of this decade. Except season 3.

Because he was next in line to be King, and Diana cared more about status than her admirers are willing to admit?

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I doubt it.

Well, then why do you think she married him?

Brooklyn 99
pretty funny


Because she loved him.

I finished The Crown S4 and it was very good. The cast was uniformly strong, esp. Emma Corrin who played Diana.

And Charles is such a piece of shit.

But it’s a show. How accurate are the depictions of the character?

It’s not hard to imagine a young girl having something for a prince.

It’s obviously heavily fictionalised, but Diana being treated like shit by Charles is 100% true. Everybody knows it.

It is hard when that prince is ugly and is clearly in love with someone else.

I don’t think boys and girls socialized all that much back then. She lived on a country estate for most of her life as I recall. I don’t think the standards for good looking is all that high during that time with not many options. I don’t think Charles is good looking in real life, but I guess that’s what British people looked like back then.

No. She lived in London.

No. The British Royal Family is notoriously inbred-looking and it totally shows on Charles. Diana is literally the reason why William and Harry are better-looking (though still not super hot either).

There were/are a lot of good-looking British people. Idk where the “Brits are ugly” stereotype comes from. Some of the hottest men alive are Brits.

I think that was much later on.

Seems Europeans also wonder.

I agree. In fact, I can’t imagine any other reason this is even a popular story. Bad marriages are as common as song birds everywhere in the world.

I guess it touches something deep in us humans, the idea of princes and princesses. Some humans anyway, since I can’t muster up even a mild interest in any royal families anywhere.

I did not know it. I guess she got what she put up with.

Wow. Only 1 episode left in HBO’s The Undoing. Until the last minute of this week’s show, I was thinking there was a suspect pool of 6 people.

My #1 was (is) the blonde lawyer friend. Ancillary characters showing up for no reason, having scenes that do not further the narrative is usually a huge tip off. I had The Bone Collector figured out halfway through following this formula (not to mention countless Law and Orders).

#2 was good old fellow Canuck thespo and as avid an Expos fan as I, Donnie Sutherland, cuz, well, he is always just that good/evil.

#3 is Grace herself. I’d be a shitty armchair detective if I didn’t consider her. Early camera closeups of her eyeball were intentionally disturbing that one has to wonder if the good psychiatrist was indeed at least slightly sociopathetic (are there half measures with such a character flaw?)

#4 and #5 are the men in Elena’s bed. The Jonathan reveal towards the end of the latest episode showing him to be a true sociopath certainly wants to lead us towards thinking he is guilty, but the husband’s rage, albeit justified, also throws shade in his direction.

#6 The son. My wife and I have been considering him suspicious all along. So much so that at the start of the final scene with the music stand in the background, I made a quip to the Mrs. that one can never trust a violinist. Not sure why I said that. Just an off-the-cuff aloofity. And then…

So Flob Hive: Who Dunnit? Mr. Kelly certainly wants us thinking it’s #6, but that’s too easy. Although his wide-eyed look at being discovered with his erm…token…screamed volumes at us, I still have my money on #1 cuz she’s such a treacherous being. And for the reason stated above.

An entire nation groveling before a bunch of inbreds like the Windsors has to rank up there with the great mysteries of life. Thatcher’s come to Jesus moment when she realizes that along with the sight of Diana roller skating the halls of Buckingham Palace were two of the few breaths of fresh air in an otherwise claustrophobic royal train wreck.

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Tough? Nigh on unbearable. It’s like watching a bad high school production.

In fact, the esteem I have for Patrick Stewart has fallen off the edge. Such a flat tire.

Something my Shakespearean acting teacher taught us was “either” and “neither” were to be pronounced with the long “i” sound (eye/nye). I have taught every single Taiwanese student this over the last 20 years as a result.

As an actor, you need to decide where your character was educated to inform how you will say these two words. Working class Brits and North Americans would likely say eeeether and neeetther (blech) while Toffs would use the long sound. So when Picard uttered the former, I was really put off. Yes, I am nitpicking, but he is a Shakespearean-trained actor and should know his character of JLP would have a very formal education and thus opt for the upper class choice.

Anyway, TNG is unwatchable. I am very disappointed because I want to see what all the fuss is about with The Borg and Dax. Will I be able to muddle thru the 1st 2 seasons? We are gonna need an extremely long lockdown, methinks.

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