What TV shows are you watching (2021)?


‘Love on the Spectrum’ … trying to match-make people with Autism. A much more tolerable, charming and real dating show than shit like ‘The Bachelor’ or that one where everyone wears a mask. On Netflix.

I liked that for a bit. I was on a serial killer mindset during COVID for some odd reason. Hannibal was way better.

This is pretty good.

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New Masters of the Universe remake on Netflix. Pretty good remake.

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Watched the 9 episodes of Squid Game, Netflix series, yesterday, it was very entertaining, I recommend.

Good reviews.


It’s a TV series, not a movie though…

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British TV series are often short- typically the stars and writers want to go on to something else.
Fawlty Towers, voted the best British comedy of all time, only lasted 12 episodes; Monty Python, stretched four years/forty-five episodes, but John Cleese wanted to quit after the second year, and did so after the third. Blackadder, which also starred Rowan Atkinson, ran 24 episodes over six years. The Office ran two seasons, 14 episodes in the British edition; the American version went on for nine seasons, 201 episodes.

The UK Office is also far superior to its overly sentimental and soapy American counterpart.

Mare of Easttown - I’m on episode 2 now and so far it’s really good.

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I finished it. It was very good. Kate Winslet’s career best work.