What TV shows are you watching (2022)


Shadow and Bone
Adapted from a series of books

Think Witcher meets sci-fi meets steampunk

Pretty good so far.


… think 2021

I think you should be thinking Arcane

Or an animated Witcher story closer to 2022

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Cobra Kai

I liked this. Finished watching in 2 days


Looks like they’re a lot of fantasy type shows out there.


Only Murders in the Building.

Episode 3. It’s ok. Martin Short is gd deadpan hilarious.

I really liked this Cobra Kai season. It will be hard waiting another year for the next one.
Now I’m watching Aggretsuko’s new season and Komi can’t communicate.

Cobra Kai season 4 8/10
WandaVision 9/10

Both highly enjoyable. Why the different scores? WandaVision sticks with you a lot more, especially certain shocking scenes and musical numbers. The woman who played Agatha gave probably my favorite TV performance of the last year. Cobra Kai is a lot of fun as usual, but it’s ultimately kinda fluff. I finished it less than a week ago and have already forgotten most of the plot developments from it. Loved seeing Terry Silver though.


I’m rewatching Altered Carbon,

Started Tokyo Trial on Netflix, a procedural drama about the post-WW II trial of Japanese officials for war crimes. A documentary thinly draped in a drama, virtually no action but interesting pieces of information and moral doubts disseminated throughout.

I finished the Sopranos almost fifteen years after the show ended! Six seasons , 86 episodes, 50 mins each.

I tried to watch it back when it came out and couldn’t get into it. Now that I was the same age as Tony in the series I could really relate to it a lot more. Family dynamics. Aging. Keeping the show on the road. People getting sick and what not. Mental health. Addictions . There’s a lot packed into it.

What an ending eh.

Some great characters , Paulie, Sil , Chris, Carmela, Junior , Janice . Memorable show.


Never seen and episode. Never seen an episode of GOT either. Such a commitment to get into.

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I hated the ending originally and now think it’s quite brilliant. 15 years later it’s still hotly discussed, so it was doing something right.


Mad Men

I never really watched and doesn’t seem very popular now for newbies or as a re-watch.

Probably better during the hype everyone’s talking about it phase.


Wondering what?

It’s a good show. Probably not for everyone though. Good to have an understanding/appreciation for that era of American history as it leans on its setting pretty heavily.

Would I ever rewatch it? Probably. But there’s a lot of good shows I haven’t seen for the first time before I start going back to old shows I’ve already seen.


Paulie Walnuts :heart_eyes:


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Never. Not even one episode.

The Return of Sherlock Holmes

Jeremy Brett, BBC series is on a couple times a day on MOD Channel 620 HITS.

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I actually watched the whole show twice. Thoroughly enjoyed the seemingly accurate depiction of the 60s, the decadence mixed with Revolutionary-Road-like angst, and the unglamorized corporate world.


Yesssss! Jeremy Brett was such a brilliant Holmes. Brett was a bit nutty himself.

I’m currently luxuriating in the 90’s versions of Maigret, starting Michael Gambon. It’s absolute heaven.