What TV shows are you watching (2022)


Septuagenarian assassins? I feel it would be better if Jeff B would shout JUDO CHOP! when he knocks someone around. lol

Peter Jackson before 2003 is a tough act to follow. The original trilogy broke him. The Hobbit film series is borderline unwatchable, especially the third movie which is a steaming pile of junk.


Six episodes in and still eager to watch. I must be a glutton for punishment.

It’s not that bad, but yeah, he should’ve stopped after the trilogy.

Binge-watched The Sandman. Thought it was excellent.


Really? I felt too skeptical so I was thinking of skipping it. But maybe I’ll give it a shot

money heist all seasons.

Light and Magic. Makes some of the effects in the early Star Wars and Indian Jones movies look even more impressive. Was fascinating. I watch all episodes in 3 days. Normally that amount of tv would take me a month to watch.

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Yeah, it’s good. Worth watching, thank goodness

I’ve watched two episodes. Decent so far.