What TV shows are you watching (2022)


I think maybe I’ll find some list of the top five episodes of season 1 and watch them and then do that with season 2 and see how that goes

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Zendaya now stands as the youngest ever person to win Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series two times.


3.19 Not a great episode, but! Guest starring James Hong, BD Wong, and Lucy Liu. What a great roster!

Oh, 3.20 is good though. Funny, such a great parody of itself, meta before it was cool

Directed by Rob Bowman, guest starring Jesse Ventura

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Watching this:

4.2 very intense, interesting episode. The season opener had a little Village of the Damned vibe, but this one is more the Hills Have Eyes

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It’s Kim Manners, who then gave his unique style to Supernatural.

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Him, David Nutter, and Robert Bowman seem to be my favorite 3 regulars so far

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‘Home’ is the one that was banned from TV for about a decade after its initial airing, iirc.* I’m amazed it made it on to prime-time network TV circa mid 90s. Very daring for its time with some of its… themes. I found it similar to the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

*-maybe I recall incorrectly as the Wikipedia page didn’t mention that. I thought I had read that somewhere though.


It’s in there:

Owing to that content, the network would not repeat the episode, the only time in the history of the series that this happened.

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I am watching “Sløborn” these days.

Thought it wouldn’t interest me because of Covid fatigue, but this show is quite intense and well made.

Was filmed just before Covid, what a timing. It’s a German, Danish, Polish co-production. Language is German.

I watch it free on YouTube. Not sure if the subtitles are any good. It’s probably on Netflix too.


Watched the first 3 episodes of Star Wars spinoff Andor. Pretty meh, kinda derivative good guy gets into trouble with uniformed thugs. The Star Wars comic relief droid is also old hat.

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Season 3 of the Sopranos. Ma just died. What are you gonna do?

House of the Dragon

Episode 1 a bit slow, predictable, nothing exciting, same sex, blood, orgies as GoT. But sets stage for future.

House of the Dragon (TV Series 2022– ) - IMDb

Disney is pretty much creativity bankrupt at this point. All they pump out is high cost fluff as if they were making them in a factor based on some kind of mathematical algorithm.

One exemption was Encanto which was pretty high quality.

Lord of the rings is an exception to Amazon’s line up in my opinion. Most of the stuff I’ve seen on prime has been pretty good.

Especially the expanse, man in the high castle, sneaky Pete, and Goliath.

Some were interesting but I haven’t finished yet

Watching “Dahmer” on Netflix. He was a bit of an odd chap.

You think?

Also watching. The guy who plays Dahmer is really good. The father too.

Like— delicious good?

A little too bloody…I would’ve preferred medium rare.

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