What TV shows are you watching (2022)


Finally got around to watching ‘The Bear.’ Pretty breezy. Only 8 episodes and most are around half an hour each (except for the finale which is 45 minutes). It’s great that Disney+ is starting to carry Hulu and Starz shows now.

As for the show, I liked it. But it was hyped so much and for me personally it fell a bit short of those lofty expectations. I thought there were some plot contrivances and a couple characters that acted a bit cliched. I think it might also connect more with those who work as chefs (Maybe we need a ‘The Bear’ style show about the hustle-and-bustle lifestyle of the ESL teacher in Asia). That said, still enjoyable enough that I’ll check out season 2. Good acting from the main character Carmy (even if I felt a few other actors in the ensemble hammed it up too much) and a few great scenes that stuck with me enough to keep me watching. Just not the best show of the year as I’ve seen reported elsewhere. 7.5/10


Who is hyping it? I stumbled across it like pretty much everything else we watch, which now includes the woke remake of Jeffery Dahmer. I mean, he was really turning the corner there with his deaf bf, right up until he killed him with a hammer and then got caught, like the next day, trying to kill another guy.


Like online people, articles, or people people at work? I rarely read anything about a show I haven’t seen. Just curious, not setting you up for a troll. lol

Some online articles, review sites, social media posts, you know, the usual.

Ah, so you. :wink:


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You hyped it up by reading about it. No big deal. You do you. I don’t even remember what show we were talking about. Lol

sigh… okay, good night, @jdsmith

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R1 is brilliant, easily the best Disney-era film. The sequels are comparatively trash. And yes, with Andor, even better. Can we hope for some Krennic in season 2 (actor is prob too busy but who knows…)?

Imagine a world where Disney had a modicum of restraint and only made SW films that had a reason for being such as R1. I used to really dislike the prequels but many fans have made compelling arguments for why the Disney sequels are even worse, and I can’t say they’re wrong. As stupid as Lucas’s ideas could be, at least they were his, and not cooked up by a committee in a boardroom checking off boxes.

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I liked that the entire book of boba fett turned out to be a covert mandalorian episode

Sort of TV related. That 90s Show is coming to Netflix in January .