What TV shows are you watching? (2023)


Our flag means death. Silly pirate stuff. Worth a punt.

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Only Murders In The Building

I’ve watched episode 1 and it matches up well to watch at the same time as others if anyone is interested. Especially if you’re interested in crime investigations or mystery or related podcasts or YouTube shows that are popular these days.

Lighthearted even Whimsical a bit

Didn’t expect to like it but it’s okay hopefully continues to get better.

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I couldn’t get into it for some reason. Was just too goofy maybe.


I’m a few seasons behind on Rick and Morty, but I thought it was brilliant

I hope this isn’t true, for her sake as well as his.

Still on season 7. Has been almost hit, and miss. Some good episodes but none great. One written and directed by Gillian Anderson, cool

Episode 18, Brand X, struck me with the performances of two guest actors. Dennis Boutsikaris would later rejoin Vince Gilligan on Better Call Saul, and Tobin Bell who many of us will recognize from Saw even though he’s had small parts in lots of great movies. The plot and writing weren’t great, but these two carried the weight

Next one is written and directed by David Duchovny. First scene shows Gary Shandling playing the role of Muller in a Hollywood movie. Should be meta, and a laugh

I started the first episode of the japanese show Gannibal. Seems intriguing from the first episode

Finished the first 3 episodes of The Last of Us (HBO).

Episode 1 = perfect
Episode 2 = great
Episode 3 = surprisingly great for being a complete side story

3 for 3 so far. Enjoying it a ton.

Can’t binge it though. Episodes release one every Monday, Taiwan time.