What TV shows are you watching 2024?

Actually I’m not sure. Before I used a VPN and had HBO max but it’s too slow and expensive

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See here:

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Sweet. Thanks turtle guy! :notworthy:

But, i can’t get the app on my phone. Says not in this region. Where are you getting it, @lostinasia ?


HBO GO. It’s HBO. Anywhere. (hbogoasia.tw)

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I figured it out. You have to switch to a Google play account made in Taiwan.

But the new curb your enthusiasm episode is not on Taiwan’s HBO go

It aired on Sunday, so when will it come to HBO go?

I finally convinced my SO to finish the Pacific with me after getting a new TV.

Watched the Pacific when it aired. Thought it was going to be just like the Band of Brothers, but it’s about 10 times more depressing.

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Just finished season 3 of Ted Lasso.

A bit slow at times, but a truly wonderful show in a sea of overly dramatic and violent shit.


And now this:

Also on Apple TV

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Yes, and in fairness, it was released during corona virus time, when there was a lack of good shows, and people needed to be cheered up. Just binged on this, maybe not every one’s cup of tea, but one for those who lived through the 90s in Britain, university days, with a cracking soundtrack. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WlopfWYGBh4

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Thanks. Will check it out. I missed out on a lot of stuff during Covid as I had too many horrible real life things to deal with and not so much time to be entertained cuz bored.

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Great reviews but I wasn’t feeling much anything other than frustratingly bored except during the last few minutes during episode 1.

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I started watching Brothers Sun. 2 episodes in and I’m finding it fun.

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I’m going to watch Shogun. Hoping it’s good.

Only saw episode 1 but I thought it was pretty good so far

I remember watching the original one, with Richard Chamberlain. :grandpa:


Great series. It’ll be hard to beat.


I missed that one. But I loved his Man in the Iron Mask and Count of Monte Christo.

FWIW, the original Dumas book of the former is a real bummer compared with the Hollywood versions, while the latter book is amazing.

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