What's the very BEST damned burger in Taipei?


I also like the relaxed dine-in atmosphere that Buruger and Co. has.

You place your order at the register, sit wherever you want and pick up your order (sometimes they bring it out to you if you’re sitting outside) when ready. No extra service fee.


Burger and Co. is just ok to me. It meets the basics and it not bad. I don’t choose to go there, I only go when no other options at that moment.

Try their pulled pork sandwich. A bit sweet, but good if you like pulled pork.


How about Bing and their bone marrow burger? Sorry if this was already mentioned.

And you can’t go wrong with their beer selection.


Beer selection at B!NG, top notch.

Specialty burgers for 300-400NT? Pass.


That is a bit pricey. Maybe it’s the location (City Hall MRT station). And the whole bone marrow thing seems a bit gimickey. But I do really appreciate a good beer with a greasy burger.


I tried Burger & Co. on the weekend and it was pretty good. It wasn’t expensive but the burger isn’t huge either. I’ll be going back. I’m not willing to commit to “BEST damned burger”. At least not until I try that B!NG bone marrow deal.


Agreed, the single patty burger by itself, is really not that much, but did you get the fries? They hand cut them on the spot and you also get a free fountain drink with free refills with a purchase of fries. DO NOT get the cheese fries, they just sprinkle parmesan cheese on there, not melted cheese. Original is better.

Single patty burger by itself and I leave thinking…what should I eat for my second course. Single patty burger + fries is the perfect portion, for me.


Got the regular fries and they were nice but terribly salty. Too salty for me. It happens sometimes so I won’t hold it against them unless it happens regularly.

I think I’ll get a double next time. Two burgers would be too much but a double would probably be just right for me.


The double at Burger and Co. is now my favorite…my fries are usually well seasoned, it was probably just a mistake. The lettuce, onion, and tomato are also fresh and appropriately sized/cut.


Good observation. They are inconsistent with the salt levels on their fries.

Variations include salty, crispy, too crispy and sometimes even soggy. However, they’re still my favorite fries in Taipei.


Anyone mention the Juicy Lucy at Whalen’s? And @ranlee, have you tried Whalen’s fries? B&Co must be amazing to top The Poutinerie and Whalen’s gourmet poutines.


Sounds a little over the top, but seems like I’ll have to try that out!


Whalens is good, hearty meals.


I’m going with Punch Burger which is one of the best I’ve had in Taipei. Fresh, lots of good toppings, good burger atmosphere. TVs with sports or whatever you want. I think better than others recently mentioned and also better than others nearby.

Corner of Shida and Roosevelt on second floor. Same building as Blue Note and Oldies.



I’m just glad there’s so much choice. Will try Punch Burger when I get a chance. Unfortunate that there’s zero information on their website. Facebook has some photos (with some interesting looking desserts).


Yes, I 100% agree.

I’m very glad that I don’t have to travel thousands of miles to get that home taste of a burger and fries. However, still no luck on finding that NY style pizza taste in Taipei.


In that weird Casual Gourmet Burger category (you know, those places where they use, like, tiles from the Space Shuttle and old shovel blades and shit instead of plates for your NT$300 burger), like Bravo (best fries in Taipei) and Rebel, there’s a newish one open near the top of Chuanching Rd, near the WTC.
It’s called Selfish Burger.
I went there for lunch with my kid.
It was kind of weird, because the burgers were really not big, circumferencially speaking, but they were really…well, tall, I guess??
I was getting ready to be outraged that the size of their stupidly expensive burger was so paltry, but it was super tasty, and ended up being somehow really filling.

My kid said it best, I think, “Those burgers, they were really small on the outside, but way big on the inside”


I didn’t know scientifically enhanced raccoons can enjoy burgers too. :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

Another burger place added to the list. I’m ready to try this, not big, but not small burger.


Been to Big Boyz? It’s good.


Type in Burger in Google maps. There are more burger places than I can count.