Where are Trump's Tax returns?

Where are they?
Can we see them?
Why or why not.

It’s a bad deal, whats in it for Trump?

God help us, is that what everything is going to come down to now?

Why not? Romney got roasted for not releasing his tax returns and then got roasted even harder when he did and then lost an election.

I had this crazy idea it was the good of the country that mattered.

Where to change the title?
Got it!

It’s a scandal that he did not show his returns. With all we have seen so far the past two weeks, it’s becoming even more mysterious, isn’t it?

You know Trumps accountants use every trick in the book to make sure he pays as little in taxes. Everyone knows and it looks bad and his critics will make him look bad. There is no upside to him releasing his taxes, you know that.

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If he followed the law, why would that make him look bad? It would just be another example of him being a smart businessman as he loves to talk about and which contributed greatly to his success.

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You can follow the law and look like a complete shitheel. I bet he has good accountants, and their job is to save their client money, I bet they get pretty imaginative and while all legal, looks like a shit sandwich.

That’s my guess anyway, maybe like emails, people really don’t give a shit. That’s what he is going with anyway.

Trump does literally not give one hockey puck if he looks like a shitheel, why would he start now? He would just laugh about how much money he saved and everyone would eat it up and say how smart he is. Well whatever, if it’s not the law and I guess it’s not he doesn’t have to if he doesn’t want to.

Apparently he is sitting around watching news on himself. I would suggest he cares very much about how he is perceived. Wouldn’t you?

Or he does business with Russia and Russia controls/has the power to control him.
The tax return could give away his real reason for decision making.
He is bankrupt and, therefor, did his friends some favor signing another paper allowing risky lending again.

If he did everything right, and was smart saving tax, his crowed would think highly of him.

You’re missing my point. If all he did was use accountants to minimize his taxes like every other businessman, much less a super smart one like Donald Trump who is not in the business of giving away money that he doesn’t have to, then it would make him look good, not bad.

Ok fair enough. But the electorate could decide if that were an important enough factor to elect, or not elect him. And he is now elected, why would he release his tax returns now?

The opposition can make this a point, and if it gets traction , maybe he will be forced to release his tax returns. I tend to side with Trump in his opinion, most people don’t care.

This is comedy!
Comedy start," I hereby offer DJ Donald Trump the current President Of the United States of America US$ 5000 000 in words five million American dollars if he fully discloses all his tax returns up to this day. "
Comedy end!

I hope he doesn’t sue me. :joy:

I think we should sensitize the public about this.
It seams to be his weakest point.

Even if he stays in office, knowing where his money is coming from, who he owns money and what his business interests are, would make him a little more predictable.

But my guess is, that this part of DJ T really stinks.

His wife is suing, Daily fail for 150 million for calling her an escort. Lots of opportunities for lawsuits.

Where are the tax returns.


Where where where?

Richard Madcow showed them live.